6 Common MacBook Myths Debunked

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The war between Windows and macOS has been going on for decades, and there’s no doubt that it will continue for years to come. Although we know much about Windows computers, we are not quite acquainted with Mac devices, at least not as much as we are with Windows. 

In this article, we will learn some facts that will automatically debunk any myths you have heard or doubts you may have. 

Macs Are Not Vulnerable to Viruses

One of the biggest myths surrounding macOS is that they are immune to virus attacks. Free from viruses means Mac users do not face security threats which is sometimes not convincing. The fact, however, is that Mac also gets viruses, and therefore, you must install an antivirus application as soon as you buy the device. 

It won’t be incorrect to say that MacBooks are less prone to online threats as compared to other devices running on different operating systems. Though the possibility of getting viruses or malware is thin, that doesn’t mean you can browse the web the way you want. You need to be extra cautious, particularly when your device is not equipped with an antivirus app. 

Macs Are for Artists & Graphic Designers

Although Macs have one of the best displays, that doesn’t mean these sophisticated devices are meant only for artists and graphic designers. While graphic designers, artists, video editors, and illustrators can use it for dealing with their day-to-day tasks, storage can be an issue, particularly when you are working on a base model. 

Upgrading Mac storage is quite unfeasible, so it’s not essentially an ideal option for designers or anyone who needs to work with heavy apps and large volume multimedia files. However, if you wish to optimize Mac storage, the list of professional apps is never-ending. Creative professionals must know how to work on different operating systems.

Macs Are for Gamers

Users normally believe that Mac computers are built for gamers and gaming professionals, which is not true. Finding a proper game with complete compatibility and strong graphics support is hard to find, and you may end up disappointed. If a clear comparison has to be made, Windows computers are robust for gaming, and you will find hundreds of games. 

If you are among the users who believe that Macs are good for gaming, you can search the internet to find games that are meant particularly for macOS. There are not even half of the options available as it is for Windows or Linux operating systems. So, as far as gaming is concerned, Mac is not quite an optimal device to choose. 

Macs Do Not Crash 

If you have heard that Macs never crash, you need to read the forums available out there. Similar to any other digital device, MacBooks do crash, and Apple calls it kernel panic. Upon detecting an error beyond repair, Mac generates a kernel panic automatically. This situation is similar to that of operating system failure in Windows. 

When a system crash takes place on a Mac, it takes way more money to fix the device in comparison to a Windows computer. If you have purchased AppleCare+, you can save hundreds of bucks on fixing the hardware and software. The verdict is that macOS devices can crash, and the damage can extend beyond repair. 

Macs Have the Best Battery Life

If you think that Mac batteries never run out, that’s not the case. MacBooks are digital devices that run on a charge, and similar to other digital devices, they too run out of battery. You may only need to charge the MacBook once a day, depending on your usage when the device is new, as it claims to offer anywhere between 9 and 12 hours of battery backup. 

However, as it starts to turn old, you will have to charge it often, maybe twice or thrice daily. So, you need to charge MacBooks like any other gadget to keep them up and to run. However, you can tweak power settings and visuals to optimize battery consumption. MacBook’s battery backup also depends on the operating system it runs on. 

Macs and Windows Are Incompatible 

Macs and Windows computers indeed run over different operating systems, but they can run on the same corporate or home network. Although macOS is a UNIX-based operating system and the two speak entirely different languages, they are highly compatible with each other. 

Most beginner-level applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel run on Windows and macOS. Moreover, major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are compatible to run over both operating systems. You can even use Adobe Photoshop and iTunes on macOS and Windows computers. 

The Conclusion 

More often, the best things you hear about macOS are mostly myths, so Apple computers, similar to other desktops and laptops, feature similar functions and specifications. There can be a little difference in internal specifications and external appearance, but on a higher level, Macs are normal computers with optimal battery life, storage, and usual vulnerabilities.

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