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A one-ton tungsten cube was just bought by a crypto cabal for $250,000

What’s 14.545 inches throughout, weighs one ton (round 907kg or 2,000lbs), and just offered to a group of nameless crypto buyers for roughly $250,000? Why, it’s the largest tungsten cube ever to be manufactured by Midwest Tungsten Service of Willowbrook, Illinois.

Confused? Sure, that’s comprehensible. However think about this: tungsten cubes are one of the crucial standard memes on this planet of cryptocurrency proper now, a realm the place worth is outlined as a lot by consideration as something tangible. (Name it the stonk market in case you like.) Tungsten, in case you’re not acquainted, is a steel 1.7 instances as dense as lead, and since 2015, nerdy types have been in a position to purchase small cubes of tungsten manufactured by outfits just like the Midwest Tungsten Service. Proudly owning one has been a joke on Reddit for years, however in current months, the cubes have change into fashionable among crypto aficionados.

Why precisely this occurred isn’t all that essential. Some declare that the density of the cubes makes for a pleasing distinction with the immaterial nature of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Others say that the expertise of holding these objects is its personal reward. (I can vouch for that myself. I as soon as had the pleasure of holding a kilogram manufactured from an iridium alloy, which is denser than tungsten, and it was a genuinely cool expertise.) The best and most convincing reply, although, is that purchasing tungsten cubes is just a good, strong meme.

The current curiosity in tungsten cubes led the oldsters at Midwest Tungsten Service to ask themselves an essential query: what’s the largest tungsten cube they will construct? From this question, their 14.545-inch cube was born, with entry to the cube offered by way of an NFT.

As the corporate defined in a blog post saying the undertaking final month:

Now that NFT has offered to a group calling themselves TungstenDAO, with the sale — which you’ll be able to see here on OpenSea and which we spotted via Motherboard — going by way of on Monday for 56.9 ETH or roughly $250,000.

Precisely what TungstenDAO plans to do with their buy isn’t clear (we’ve reached out to the group for remark and can replace this story if we hear again). However, fittingly, it appears they bought the NFT merely to convey extra consideration to the group itself.

In case you’re not conscious, a “DAO” or “decentralized autonomous group” is a sort of co-operative group whose guidelines are supposedly enshrined within the blockchain. DAOs are sometimes funding automobiles of 1 kind or one other, and for TungstenDAO, their most well-liked asset is memes. The group describes itself as an “experimental meme incubation studio” and says its aim is to “amass a assortment of property which are extremely memeable, then create content material that reinforces their social significance and strengthens memetic wishes for these property.” Actually, it’s a logical evolution for the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. If consideration assigns worth and memes drive consideration, then why not minimize out the intermediary and purchase memes? On this case (and just to bolster this level), that meme is a 14-inch tungsten cube.

Will the cube maintain onto its worth? Will TungstenDAO change into the primary trillion-dollar meme studio? Actually, who is aware of. However some whispers within the crypto world recommend cubes could have already had their day, and the new new property is the tungsten sphere. Nonetheless confused? Just roll with it.

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