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A sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda just sold for nearly a million dollars

A sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for the NES just sold for $870,000 at Heritage Auctions, breaking the previous record for the most expensive game ever sold (as far as I am aware, at least). That record was just raised quite a bit in April when a copy of Super Mario Bros. was auctioned for $660,000, a price that more than quadrupled the previous known record.

As for why this version of the game is so valuable? I’m just going to leave part of Heritage Auctions’ grandiose explanation here:

All sorts of collectibles have taken on significantly increased value as of late. Many Pokémon cards are now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and card grading companies are drowning in Pokémon cards. NFTs had a hot minute there where they could sell for eye-poppingly huge amounts of money, though prices appear to have fallen in recent weeks.

Now the question for me is: which video game will be the first to sell for more than a million?

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