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AE Android EMMC Tool V1.0 | Oppo, Realme ISP Pinout Finder (Free Download)

AE Android EMMC Tool V1.0 Best For Oppo, Realme Mobile…  

AE android EMMC ISP Finder v1.0 which is made by Cucu Fetta Fuang, then this tool which tells you Oppo, and pinout of Realme’s smartphones. So that you can easily connect and use a box. There are many other features in it, which I will tell you below. You do not need any keygen to use this tool. It will be opened directly without installing on double-click. So let’s start !!!


ISP pinout:

  1. Oppo
  2. Realme

Download Files:

  1. File Flash
  2. Unlock Bootloader
  3. DUMP One Pack (AE Tool only)
  4. File Recovery (AE Tool V3.9-V5.3)

You will see a bit of confusion in this tool that this tool has been released by MRT, it is not at all that this tool has been created manually which is open source. Absolutely free, you should keep in mind that if someone asks for your money for this tool, do not give it at all; I am giving you the link for it absolutely free, you can download it from it.


AE Android EMMC Tool V1.0

Start Download

70 MB

The developer worked very hard to make this tool. If you want to donate something, then you can donate to the developer by giving the link you are giving. Link Here

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