Amazon Alexa VP departs as companies continue to target tech giant’s executives

Amazon Alexa VP departs as companies continue to target tech giant’s executivesAmazon Alexa Vice President Jim Freeman left the company for the second time to rejoin German e-commerce company Zalando.

Freeman spent seven years at Amazon, working in various roles for the Prime Video arm, before leaving for Zalando in 2016. Freeman then returned to Amazon in 2017 to be a vice president for Alexa’s messaging product. He again left Amazon for Zalando in April, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Freeman’s departure was first reported by CNBC.

Freeman’s departure follows the announcement that former Amazon VP of Physical Stores Tim Stone is joining Snap to be its chief financial officer. Amazon’s success in a variety of areas has made its executives hot commodities for other tech giants looking to get the recipe for the tech giant’s secret sauce.

In the past two months, several high profile executives have departed Amazon, including Alexa Smart Home founder Charlie Kindel; Amazon Prime head Greg Greeley; Alexa AI research and development lead Ashwin Ram; voice and natural user interface VP Assaf Ronen; and head of new Alexa initiatives Doug Raymond. The company’s Alexa and artificial intelligence teams have been most hit by the departures.

Amazon says it has a retention rate for their vice presidents of nearly 95 percent, even as the company has grown from about 30,000 people eight years ago, to more than 563,000 globally.

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