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Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.5 Latest Update – 2020 Free Download

Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.5 Full Setup Free Download Highly Compressed

Android is known for its customization and freedom, however, companies like Amazon try their best to lock your devices down and present a limited amount of functionality, and often bloat them with useless stuff. Have you ever wished you could remove Amazon from the picture completely, install the Google Play Store, sideload apps, reboot to recovery or download mode, remove all lock screen ads, change the lock screen wallpaper, replace Alexa with Google Assistant, and so much more all with the click of a button? Well, this tool is designed with these things in mind and aims to provide its users will full control over their devices.

This tool is essential for every Fire Tablet owner. With a clickable UI, and lightning-fast performance you can return the power into your hands. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.5 Latest Update - 2020 Free Download


  1. Amazon Fire 10 (2019)
  2. Amazon Fire 7 (2019)
  3. Amazon Fire 8 (2018)
  4. Amazon Fire 10 (2017)
  5. Amazon Fire 8 (2017)
  6. Amazon Fire 7 (2017)
  7. Amazon Fire HD8 (2016)
  8. Amazon Fire HD10 (2015)
  9. Amazon Fire HD8 (2015)
  10. Amazon Fire HD7 (2015)
  11. Amazon Fire HD7 (2014)
  12. Amazon Fire HD6 (2014)

Standard Features:

  • Remove Everything Amazon – Removes every app installed by Amazon from the tablet.
  • Remove Lockscreen Ads – Installs Automate, and Amazon Lockscreen Ads Blocker 4.5 automatically.
  • Install Google Services – Installs the Google Framework, and the Play Store.
  • Power Options – Allows you to force the tablet to power off, reboot, boot into Recovery, and boot into Download Mode.
  • Install YouTube Vanced – Installs the modified version of YouTube that includes Background playback, Adblocking, resolution force, etc.
  • Install Smart Youtube TV – Installs the Youtube client found on Smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It supports 4K video, doesn’t require Google Services, ads are blocked, and it is designed with big screens in mind.
  • Enhanced Updater – An updater that looks for any updates pertaining to any of the features or updates to the toolbox itself.
  • Notification Center – Recieve notifications on the latest updates, and anything pertaining to the Toolbox or its features.
  • WallChanger – Change lock screen wallpaper to a custom image.
  • ADB Shell – Starts an ADB shell.
  • Restore Everything Amazon – Reinstalls ALL Amazon apps back onto the tablet.
  • Temporary Root Shell: Thanks to @diplomatic’s AMAZING and OUTSTANDING mtk-us script the Toolbox now supports spawning a temporary root shell!
  • Sideload Apps – Sideload any app straight onto your tablet.
  • Parental Control Hide – Hides all dialogs produced by Parental controls.
  • Install Google Assistant – Replaces Alexa with Google Assistant.
  • Driver Detector – Detects and installs Fire tablet drivers if needed.
  • Density Modifier – Changes the Pixel Density (DPI) to custom values.
  • Manual Restore/Remove – Allows the user to manually select apps to restore/remove.
  • System Backup/Restore – Creates system backups, and can even restore them!
  • Screen Recorder – Records the tablet’s screen without using third-party tools (sound or mic isn’t recorded).
  • Screen Capture – Takes a screenshot of everything on the tablet’s screen.
  • Custom Launcher – Allows the installation of custom launchers.
  • Enable Widget Support – Re-enables the use of widgets on supported launchers.
  • TBShell – Toolbox Shell that allows the use of modifications without changing settings from within the Toolbox itself.
  • Hybrid Apps – Allows the user to install Netflix and Disney+ without the use of the Amazon Store.
  • Modify System Settings – Change the status 

Version 6.5

  • Sideload Apps: Tool has been reworked and enhanced.
  • Sideload Apps: Apk file names with spaces are now accepted.
  • Restore Everything Amazon: The bug preventing Audible from being restored has been fixed.
  • Google Services: Tool has been renamed from Install Google Services to Google Services.
  • Google Services: Uninstall and clear cache options for Google Services have been added.
  • Google Assistant: Tool has been renamed from Install Google Assistant to Google Assistant.
  • Parental Controls Hide: The accessibility service can now be automatically enabled by the Toolbox.
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper: Enabling the service for WallChanger is now done automatically.
  • User Management: You can now add/remove users directly from the Toolbox.
  • DetectLanguage: An additional check has been placed to make sure the notification doesn’t appear time after time.
  • DetectLanguage: when denying enabling global UTF-8 support the Toolbox will no longer close.
  • When the Toolbox downloads files it will now display the download progress and download eta (thanks to wget).
  • DetectLanguage: The method of obtaining locale has been reworked and improved.
  • Modify System Settings: Tool has been added.
  • Modify System Settings: Navigation Bar: You can now hide/disable/enable the Navigation Bar.
  • Modify System Settings: Automatic System Updates: You can now turn on/off System/Amazon Appstore Automatic updates.

Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.5

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215 MB

Readme Once:
[*] CompatibleThe above software runs smoothly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
[*] Take a Backup: If you are going to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your Android Smartphone or Tablet as flashing any recovery or file may brick the device.
[*] Other ToolsIf you are searching for other useful tools then follow our Tools Section to download free GSM Tools.
[*] CreditsThe Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.5 is created and distributed by XDA Team (developer). So, full credits go to them (developer) for sharing the tool for free.
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