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Become A Full-Time Blogger On Medium

Become A Full-Time Blogger On Medium

Become A Full-Time Blogger On Medium – Learn to set up a successful Medium blog, write for Medium publications and earn behind the Medium Open Paywall.

In this course, you will learn step by step how to become a full-time blogger on Medium, how to set up your own magazine, get yourself organized, write with passion and much much more! This course is for everyone who thinks about turning their hobby into a career.

You will learn:

  • Master the art of writing highly engaging articles and promoting them effectively through Social Media and Medium itself
  • Know how to use tags to dominate your niche and potentially reach thousands of people per day
  • Use mass following and communication strategies to increase the depth of interaction with your following
  • Understand the exact step by step process to scale your account from zero to 1000 followers
  • Know how to create your own online magazine and monetize it
  • Automate the acquisition process of new authors for your magazine through software tools

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