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Colombian Volcano Nevado del Ruiz Has Increased Activity


The Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia hasn’t erupted in over 20 years, however there are indicators that time that it’s coming into a extra lively section. INGEOMINAS scientists did a flyover with the Colombian Air Power and found ash on the glacier, close to the crater rim, and extra ash on the jap flank.

This has doubtless come from an explosion on February twenty second. The steam plume on that day was about 1.4km excessive (4,500 ft). There was additionally a sign of a seismic tremor with a number of small ash emissions together with a rise in sulfur dioxide emissions. The summit at Ruiz is heating up and there’ll doubtless be some phreatic explosions. The rise in sulfur suggests that there’s new magma within the volcano. Photographs of the summit clearly present steam emanating from the crater, although there was no new materials within the crater itself.

nevado-del-ruiz-eruption march

Pictures of the whole summit present ash on a few of the snow-covered areas as effectively. The final time that Nevado del Ruiz erupted was again in 1985 and it killed over 23,000 individuals. A small eruption within the summit created a lahar that melted an abundance of ice and snow. There’s loads of snow and ice to make new lahars, so Ruiz is anticipated to be an actual hazard if it enters a brand new interval of eruption.

nevado-del-ruiz-eruption smoke

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