Complete 12 Month Workout Plan: Improve Fitness, Build Muscles, Increase Strenght


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Complete 12 Month Workout Plan: Improve Fitness, Build Muscles, Increase Strenght:
You will find the detail of my training protocol lasting a total of 52 weeks, 12 months of training, at the end of which it is possible to continue, resuming a certain phase that better fit your needs. This macrocycle is divided into four main phases: a break-in or adaptation phase lasting 8 weeks suitable for those who have just started training or for those who resume activity after a period of rest. This is followed by an 8 weeks strength phase in which we try to increase overall strength. After the strength phase, very expensive for the body, follows a recovery phase lasting 4 weeks. The last mesocycle of the protocol consists of the hypertrophy phase lasting 12 weeks, in which the workouts will be aimed at gaining muscle mass. At the end of the period of hypertrophy it is good to insert a recovery period of another 4 weeks. At this point you have to decide based on your goals and restart with a cycle of strength or with another cycle of hypertrophy. In first case restart 8 weeks of strength phase, 4 weeks of recovery and another 8 weeks of strength phase. If your goal is hypertrophy you can continue with 12 weeks of hypertrophy protocol and 4 weeks of recovery protocol.
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