Control of Interactive Robotic Interfaces: A Port-Hamiltonian Approach


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Control of Interactive Robotic Interfaces: A Port-Hamiltonian Approach:

This monograph deals with energy based control of interactive robotic interfaces and the port-Hamiltonian framework is exploited both for modeling and controlling interactive robotic interfaces. Using the port-Hamiltonian framework, it is possible to identify the energetic properties that have to be controlled in order to achieve a desired interactive behavior and it is possible to build a port-Hamiltonian controller that properly regulates the robotic interface by shaping its energetic properties.

Thanks to its generality, the port-Hamiltonian formalism allows to model and control also complex interactive robotic interfaces in a very natural way. In this book, a port-Hamiltonian approach for regulating the interaction between a robot and a local environment, a virtual environment (i.e. haptic interfaces) and a remote environment (i.e. bilateral telemanipulation systems) is developed.

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