Cray supercomputer tackles age-old dilemma of how to make ice cream more delicious

Cray supercomputer tackles age-old dilemma of how to make ice cream more deliciousScience. So helpful. So life-enhancing. And now even more delicious.

The scientific powers of a supercomputer from Seattle-based Cray are being put to good use determining how to make one of the earth’s tastiest treats even tastier. That’s proper. A Cray supercomputer is getting used to assist scientists determine how to make higher ice cream.

In accordance to this story over at Geek.com, scientists on the College of Edinburgh are conducting analysis to really simulate the “gentle matter that makes up ice cream” and to higher perceive the interactions amongst elements. There’s a complete bunch more complicated computer-type terminology reported there, too, explaining what fashions of supercomputers are getting used and so forth. We will think about the dialog: “Milk, sugar, vanilla? Meet the 200 cupboard Cray XT5 supercomputer utilizing 200,000 CPUs!” It makes your grandmother’s previous ice-cream maker a bit of unhappy wanting, doesn’t it?

After all, producing smoother, creamier, more delectable ice cream is hardly one of the world’s most difficult issues. The analysis mission is an element of a wider examine to enhance gentle matter normally, like “sauces, engine lubricants, and even totally different paints,” all within the pursuit of understanding how mixtures combine and to make higher merchandise.

Properly, if we’ve got to endure tastier ice cream for the sake of science, then so be it.

A neat video of the supercomputer and the analysis mission is right here:


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