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Create a Blog From Scratch – #1 Kick Start

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Create a Blog From Scratch

Create a Blog From Scratch – #1 Kick Start

Create a Blog From Scratch – Create a Creative Agency Website by using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

This course aims to build your knowledge in elements and properties of both HTML and CSS Markup languages, and to make you comfortable enough while you are coding your future websites. Also, the bootstrap is used to add the Responsiveness, Icons, and flexibility to the website. You will learn how to build a blog during the journey and what is more, you will learn how to build a carousel, back to top, and pre-loader for the website to make it even more interactive. This course is hands on action course without slides and long explanations, you will simply learn by doing.

You’ll learn:

  • In this course you will learn step by step all you need to build an eye catching modern website
  • You are going to learn HTML elements and CSS properties, selectors, and features and some Bootstrap
  • You are going to build the website gradually and you will learn during that all the necessary features

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