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CWRU Theoretical Physicists Suggest Dark Matter May Be Massive

Theoretical Physicists Suggest Dark Matter May Be Massive

In a brand new research, theoretical physicists from Case Western Reserve College counsel that darkish matter could also be huge and that the Customary Mannequin might account for it.

The physics group has spent three many years looking for and discovering no proof that darkish matter is made from tiny unique particles. Case Western Reserve College theoretical physicists counsel researchers contemplate on the lookout for candidates extra within the odd realm and, properly, extra huge.

Dark matter is unseen matter, that, mixed with regular matter, might create the gravity that, amongst different issues, prevents spinning galaxies from flying aside. Physicists calculate that darkish matter contains 27 % of the universe; regular matter 5 %.

As an alternative of WIMPS, weakly interacting huge particles, or axions, that are weakly interacting low-mass particles, darkish matter could also be made from macroscopic objects, wherever from a number of ounces to the dimensions of a great asteroid, and possibly as dense as a neutron star, or the nucleus of an atom, the researchers counsel.

Physics professor Glenn Starkman and David Jacobs, who acquired his PhD in Physics from CWRU in May and is now a fellow on the College of Cape City, say printed observations present steerage, limiting the place to look. They lay out the probabilities in a paper listed beneath.

The Macros, as Starkman and Jacobs name them, wouldn’t solely dwarf WIMPS and axions, however differ in an necessary means. They might doubtlessly be assembled out of particles within the Customary Mannequin of particle physics as an alternative of requiring new physics to elucidate their existence.

“We’ve been on the lookout for WIMPs for a very long time and haven’t seen them,” Starkman mentioned. “We anticipated to make WIMPS within the Massive Hadron Collider, and we haven’t.”

WIMPS and axions stay doable candidates for darkish matter, however there’s cause to go looking elsewhere, the theorists argue.

“The group had form of turned away from the concept darkish matter may very well be made from normal-ish stuff within the late ’80s,” Starkman mentioned. “We ask, was that utterly right and the way do we all know darkish matter isn’t extra odd stuff— stuff that may very well be comprised of quarks and electrons?”

After eliminating most odd matter, together with failed Jupiters, white dwarfs, neutron stars, stellar black holes, the black holes in facilities of galaxies and neutrinos with a variety of mass, as doable candidates, physicists turned their concentrate on the exotics.

Matter that was someplace in between odd and unique—relations of neutron stars or massive nuclei—was left on the desk, Starkman mentioned. “We are saying relations as a result of they in all probability have a substantial admixture of unusual quarks, that are made in accelerators and ordinarily have extraordinarily quick lives,” he mentioned.

Though unusual quarks are extremely unstable, Starkman factors out that neutrons are additionally extremely unstable. However in helium, certain with steady protons, neutrons stay steady.

“That opens the chance that steady unusual nuclear matter was made within the early universe and darkish matter is nothing greater than chunks of unusual nuclear matter or different certain states of quarks, or of baryons, that are themselves made from quarks,” he mentioned. Such darkish matter would match the Customary Mannequin.

The Macros must be assembled from odd and unusual quarks or baryons earlier than the unusual quarks or baryons decay, and at a temperature above 3.5 trillion levels Celsius, akin to the temperature within the middle of an enormous supernova, Starkman and Jacobs calculated. The quarks must be assembled with 90 % effectivity, leaving simply 10 % to kind the protons and neutrons discovered within the universe at present.

The boundaries of the doable darkish matter are as follows:

If darkish matter is inside this allowed vary, there are causes it hasn’t been seen.

Publication: Submitted to MNRAS

PDF Copy of the Examine: Macro Dark Matter

Picture: Chandra/NASA/ESA
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