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Design4Hackers Course

Design4Hackers Course

Design4Hackers Course – Design Doesn’t Have to Be Mysterious.

Uncover the visual tools at work everywhere so you can decipher then create beautiful design.

Lite Package The Design for Hackers approach to design, condensed into 20 information-packed lectures.

Whether you fear the blank canvas, or cringe whenever you get client feedback, the solution is to know your stuff when it comes to design.

Design for hackers Video Lite arms you with an understanding of every little piece that comes together to make great design. Stop the guesswork, and start the know-work.

D4H Video is specifically designed to make the most of your precious time. I’ve condensed the concepts from Design for Hackers down to the essentials. Learn the most important elements of the D4H approach in videos that are around 5 minutes apiece, packed with up-to-date examples.

The core of the course is the Lite Package, which breaks down every little factor that comes together to create great design. The course is divided up into three modules and 20 lectures, to help you focus on each of those pieces one at a time.

To maximize your learning, I recommend the Motivation Overdrive package, which has everything you get in the Lite Package, but comes with challenges, and community access to really get these concepts programmed into your brain.

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