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Docker’s new Moby open-source project is the ‘Lego Club of container systems’

Docker Inc. is launching a new open-source initiative, dubbed the Moby Project, which the San Francisco-based company describes as a new effort to move software container technology further into mainstream use by developers and businesses.

Moby was announced this morning at the annual DockerCon convention in Austin, Texas. The project includes a library of backend components, a framework for assembling those components into a container platform, and a reference assembly called Moby Origin, explains Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes in a post announcing the new project.

“Think of Moby as the ‘Lego Club’ of container systems,” Hykes writes.

Docker is the leading example of container technology, which lets developers bundle up the components of an app to easily develop and deploy software across different platforms and devices.

In addition, Docker this morning announced another open-source project, dubbed LinuxKit — partnering with HPE, Intel, ARM, IBM and Microsoft to build “a secure, lean and portable Linux subsystem that can provide Linux container functionality as a component of a container platform,” as outlined in this Docker blog post.

“LinuxKit includes the tooling to allow building custom Linux subsystems that only include exactly the components the runtime platform requires,” explained Docker’s Justin Cormack. “All system services are containers that can be replaced, and everything that is not required can be removed. All components can be substituted with ones that match specific needs.”

DockerCon runs through Thursday, with the keynotes livestreamed here.

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