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Exploring Earth From Space: Tarso Toussidé – Volcanic Massif

The Tarso Toussidé volcanic massif is featured on this false-color composite picture captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Credit score: Accommodates modified Copernicus Sentinel knowledge (2019), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Tarso Toussidé, capped by the Toussidé (doubtlessly lively) stratovolcano, is positioned within the western finish of the Tibesti Mountains, in Chad. With an elevation of 3265 m above sea degree, Toussidé is the second highest peak in Tibesti, after Emi Koussi.

Toussidé has undergone plenty of eruptions and lava flows, with the lava reaching lengths of 25 km and overlaying an space of 200 sq km, showing to have ‘stained’ the bottom within the course of. The volcano ejected tephra, fragments of rock and volcano glass, lava, and ash. In the course of the sphere lies Pic Toussidé, a lava dome which may be seen poking out of the caldera.

Toussidé is claimed to be amongst the youngest volcanoes in Tibesti. A lot of fumaroles (openings in or close to a volcano by means of which gases emerge) are lively on its summit, exhaling principally water vapor at temperatures of 40–60 °C – suggesting it’s the solely lively Tibesti volcano.

Simply subsequent to Toussidé, within the far-right of the picture, lies the Trou au Natron caldera, which sits at an elevation of round 2450 m. A lot of volcanic cones sit on the ground of the caldera, with quite a few vents and sizzling springs on the caldera’s flooring emitting sizzling steam.

A lot of the floor of the caldera is lined with a white crust of salts, together with sodium carbonite. These crusts are normally fashioned when mineral-rich steam is emitted from small vents on the crater’s flooring, and when this evaporates within the warmth, the minerals are left behind.

The caldera has an irregular diameter of round 6-8 km and is as much as 1000 m deep, and is claimed to have been crammed by a freshwater lake over the past glacial most.

Within the left of the picture, the pink exhibits sparse vegetation alongside the ephemeral creeks.

Satellite tv for pc imagery is a sensible technique to examine distant areas such because the volcanic areas within the Tibesti Mountain Vary. The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission carries a multispectral imager with 13 spectral bands and has a large swath protection, delivering knowledge on Earth’s land each 5 days.

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