Facebook content moderators protest low wages with mobile billboard
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Facebook content moderators protest low wages with mobile billboard

Facebook moderators are protesting low wages at contracting company Accenture within the type of a mobile billboard and an inside letter, in response to a tip obtained by The Verge. Most of all, moderators say they simply need to be handled as people.

The content moderators, who’re contracted by Accenture, will run a mobile billboard in the present day concentrating on Accenture CEO Julie Candy. The billboard includes a image of Candy, alongside with a distinguished assertion that reads: “Julie Candy cease exploiting your staff. Pay up. Clear it up. Repair it.” Sweet made a total of $17 million in 2020 alone, a sum that shot up drastically from 2019. The mobile billboard will begin its journey in Bethesda, Maryland, the very place that Candy resides, and are available to a cease in Washington, DC.

Massive tech corporations like Facebook usually outsource content moderation duties to third-party contracting corporations, and Accenture is without doubt one of the greatest ones doing it. A report by The New York Times initially revealed the $500 million contract that Accenture has with Facebook to carry out content moderation. The billboard compares that exorbitant quantity with the sum of money that Accenture moderators truly obtain.

Hourly charges at Accenture fall between $16.50 and $18.50, with Ukrainian and Spanish language moderators on the decrease finish of that scale. They’re excluded from the $2 premium that bilingual moderators are rewarded with, which prompted a demand for equal pay earlier this year — even nonetheless, nothing ever got here of it.

“In costly cities like Austin, with costs pushed up by the tech trade, this falls far in need of a dwelling wage,” the moderators’ letter to Candy reads. “For each US-based content moderator, within the Instances’ estimation, you pocket $50.”

Accenture has frequently ignored moderators’ pleas for larger pay. Facebook moderators see some gnarly stuff, and it’s so unhealthy that attorneys suing Facebook estimated that half of all moderators may develop mental health disorders. They’re topic to the horrors of cleansing up questionable content throughout Facebook’s companies, which could embrace violent movies, sexual content, and hate speech.

In response to Foxglove Legal, the nonprofit organization backing the moderators, Accenture solely affords moderators entry to behavioral coaches, slightly than skilled psychological care. “Saying ‘we perceive your considerations’ 100 instances can’t undo a decade of her [Sweet] paying moderators peanuts — and providing life and wellness coaches as a substitute of medical doctors,” Foxglove Authorized stated in a press release to The Verge.

AI does play a job in moderating content on Facebook, however as an nameless content moderator advised us, it primarily offers with benign posts. Human moderators are those tasked with sifting via the extra disturbing content. “For all of the discuss of algorithms and ‘AI’ catching dangerous content to guard Facebook’s 2.8 billion customers, we — and also you — know the reality: moderators do the work,” the letter asserts.

In the long run, moderators at Accenture simply need to be acknowledged as people and really feel valued for the work they do. “Folks usually don’t understand that we’re fairly important staff,” stated the nameless moderator throughout an interview with The Verge. “With out us, all of social media wouldn’t be helpful in any respect.”

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