Finally, that limited-edition, gold BlackBerry is here to put some bling in your ring

Say you like your BlackBerry, however the same-old isn’t slicing it for you anymore? You then want to see this limited-edition, black-and-gold BlackBerry Passport.

Solely 50 have been made, in accordance to a BlackBerry blog post asserting the brand new blinged-out smartphone. They name it “gilding the lily” of the unique Passport. The limited-edition model options a big touchscreen, that pretty keyboard, up to 30 hours of battery life, BlackBerry Assistant, BlackBerry Mix, Amazon’s Appstore and “a lot, way more.”

The corporate claims that it’s constructing off the Passport’s recognition with this black-and-gold model, which says ” ‘I imply enterprise and get issues carried out,’ and says it with model.” Considerably impressed by individuals who have already tricked-out their BlackBerries — together with Drake, who apparently personalized his for about $3,000, and one other man who took it aside and had it custom-plated — the gold BlackBerry Passport, should you can snag one, will set you back $999.

It’s good to see that BlackBerry nonetheless has a bit of swagger to its step, particularly in gentle of that Samsung acquisition talk.

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