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Five little Google Sheets tricks I taught my dad

I was not too long ago working remotely subsequent to my dad, and realized simply what number of time-saving little Google Sheets shortcuts I take as a right. These aren’t superior formulation or pivot tables; simply easy tricks to save lots of you time when you work with fundamental organizational spreadsheets. A few of these are previous Excel tricks; however some even my Verge colleagues solely found not too long ago.

Simply rearrange rows and columns by dragging from the row quantity

If you wish to reorder a row, you are able to do it in a single step by first clicking on the row quantity to focus on the row, then clicking and dragging from the row quantity to simply slot it wherever you need it.

Earlier than studying this trick from my companion, who (full disclosure) was a one-time Google Docs product supervisor, I am embarrassed to confess that I wasted quite a lot of time reordering issues by first inserting a clean row, then dragging the content material to that new house, and eventually deleting its previous row. Don’t do that.

Begin a brand new Google Sheet by typing “” into your browser

Google owns the top-level area “.new,” so this additionally works for , , , and so on. They in 2019; so Spotify has , Medium has , and so on.

Rapidly resize columns to suit the content material by double clicking between the column headers

That is as straightforward because it sounds — if you’d like your column width to routinely resize to the shortest or longest entry, simply double click on in between the column headers. This additionally works in Excel.

Paste one thing with clear formatting with Command + Shift + v on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + v on PC

I pull information about The Verge from quite a lot of totally different sources, which all have their very own fonts and styling, so this trick is useful. By utilizing Command + Shift + v as a substitute of Command + v on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + v as a substitute of Ctrl + v on PC, you possibly can strip the previous font and font sizes as you paste and insert clear textual content.

You too can paste plain values by double clicking right into a cell earlier than you paste, however that’s a little extra cumbersome. To clear formatting from a number of cells directly, first spotlight them after which use Command + on Mac or Ctrl + on PC. There are a ton extra keyboard shortcuts like this, which Google catalogs .

Add a number of hyperlinks to at least one cell

This one’s extra of a PSA — for a very long time, you would solely hyperlink complete cells. My colleague Jay Peters that that is now not the case; now you can add as many hyperlinks as your coronary heart wishes. Simply click on into the cell and spotlight the phrase or phrase you wish to hyperlink earlier than including your hyperlinks.

When you’ve got different favourite Google Sheet tricks you wish to share, depart a remark! And since I used my mother and father and sibling’s cats for my pattern information set, right here is my cat Olivia putting one among her signature poses.

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