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Flippster – Quick and Easy Make $5k

Flippster - Quick and Easy Make $5k

I was just finishing off an article on keyword research and a friend of mine sent me a message on Skype….
He just sold a domain for $5,000!
He flips domains for a living so I’ve spent the last hour talking to him about it. He showed me exactly how he does his domain flipping. I wanted to know how to make money flipping domains.
What I mean by this, if you find something that you think will work and you have a plan then just do it. But, don’t take my advice and start buying things if you have no experience in that department :), Just wanted to clear that up so this isn’t taken the wrong way.
I’m going to give you a rundown on why I wanted this website. Flippa is full of people selling dead websites. Take this information and use it to help you on Flippa if you use it.

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