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FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys

It is a well-known indisputable fact that statistics may be manipulated to swimsuit just about each event and goal, however each infrequently an instance comes alongside that illustrates that rule with breathtaking readability.

FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys

Living proof? Two latest surveys on the subject of FOSS that got here out in the exact same week.

Exhibit A: The seventh annual Future of Open Supply Survey from Black Duck Software program and North Bridge Enterprise Companions, the outcomes of which instructed a minimum of that open supply “is
the software program world,” as PCWorld put it.

Exhibit B: A almost diametrically opposed examine from Univa, claiming that 75 p.c of enterprises
when utilizing free and open supply software program.

‘One Would possibly Marvel’

FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys

Oh selections, selections! Which to consider? blogger Matt Asay, for one,
in a narrative final week entitled, “Flawed Survey Tries To Diss Open Supply, Fails.”

“Provided that so many enterprises apparently wrestle to make use of open supply efficiently, one would possibly marvel why so many persist in doing so,” Asay wrote. “Fortuitously, Univa would not go away us to guess the best way to resolve this seeming battle between mass adoption and poor high quality.”

Actually, “Univa’s advertising is designed to bash itself,” he added. “Or reasonably, the open-source undertaking upon which it’s primarily based.”

Down on the blogosphere’s Damaged Home windows Lounge, in the meantime, Linux Lady bought a like-minded earful.

‘Good and Dangerous, Free and Non-Free’

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” started Google+ blogger Brett Legree, for instance.

“Ultimately, I solely consider in my very own experiences and people of individuals I belief,” Legree advised Linux Lady. “I’ve had good experiences and unhealthy experiences with software program of all types, free and non-free.”

Nonetheless, “extra typically as of late, my good experiences are coming from free software program, and that claims one thing in regards to the individuals constructing and delivering the services,” he added. “It says that they care about greater than surveys and statistics.”

‘Liars At all times Determine’

Equally, “I’m reminded of the saying, “figures by no means lie, however liars at all times determine,'” provided Google+ blogger Kevin O’Brien.

“You possibly can slant any examine in numerous methods to get the outcome you need to get,” O’Brien defined. “That is no extra stunning or plausible than Microsoft doing a examine that claims the TCO for Linux is increased than for Microsoft.”

‘It Ought to Be Ignored’

“Univa’s ‘survey’ is much less survey and extra advertising materials,” stated
blogger Mike Stone.
“They go away as a lot out of their survey as they put in.

“Seventy-five p.c expertise issues? What sort of issues? They by no means say, so it may very well be something. As with all survey that so lacks element, it needs to be ignored with excessive prejudice.”

Yet another time: “Always remember {that a} software program is a ‘product,’ and even when some of them are open-sourced, maybe free, others that do promote their software program (open-source or proprietary sort) are shedding cash if somebody is utilizing the primary sort,” Google+ Gonzalo Velasco C. identified.

“Thus, it’s no shock that there’s a fixed unhealthy propaganda about open-source software program, specifically GNU/Linux methods,” he added.

‘I Can See a Lie’

Nonetheless, “how can or not it’s that ‘Univa discovered that whereas 76 p.c of enterprises surveyed are utilizing open supply, a full 75 p.c expertise issues working it in mission-critical workloads'”? Gonzalo Velasco C. questioned.

“As a scientist, I can see a lie there,” he advised Linux Lady. “Comply with my pondering, in case you please: 1) If 75 p.c of enterprises are utilizing one thing, that one thing is undoubtedly good (or there’s a market strain and OEM monopoly, like within the case of Microsoft merchandise); 2) If 75 p.c have been experiencing issues, one week later that 76 p.c would drop to 0.76 p.c. Interval.

“I’m not saying OSS is flawless,” he concluded. “Nonetheless, in an enterprise subject, such software program is definitely getting extra consideration from the programmers and anybody concerned. Their careers depend upon that.”

‘By no means Will I Settle for Bugs’

Certainly, “I am unable to think about a worse thought than slagging the product that yours relies on,” guide and blogger Gerhard Mack mused.

“If the free model is buggy then odds are so is the paid model,” Mack added. “Once I’m evaluating a service contract for my employer, I can settle for help or extra options however by no means will I settle for bugs.”

Slashdot blogger hairyfeet wasn’t positive there was a battle between the 2 surveys.

“In case you inform me I can have a really fantastic automobile nevertheless it’ll value me 100 grand a 12 months or I can take this Chevy that continually must be fiddled with however runs okay and BTW its free? Properly it would not take Kojack to resolve the ‘case of the disappearing sale,'” hairyfeet advised Linux Lady.

‘Thank the GNU-Gods’

“Linux may be as fiddly and worsening because it desires to be as a result of MSFT has frankly insane licensing with regards to servers — we’re speaking utterly divorced from actuality,” he defined. “I talked to 1 man who had paid over (US)$20,000 and that was for ONE server license (datacenter version IIRC) and a handful of licenses, not even sufficient to cowl the enterprise!”

If hairyfeet have been put in cost of Microsoft, he’d make three variations of WinServer, he stated: “House, SMB, and Datacenter, at costs from $150 for residence to $1,000 for DC, and make CALs a flat $10 a pop,” he defined. “By doing this you possibly can wipe Linux out of the server room in 4 years or much less.

“However Ballmer has to hold onto his ‘Worst CEO’ title, and gouging ever-higher costs whereas working off extra clients to please wall avenue is all he cares about,” hairyfeet concluded. “So Linux devs higher drop to their knees and thank the GNU-Gods that Ballmer is a pathetic CEO, in any other case they could really must take heed to clients.”

‘Folks Want IT That Works’

Final however not least, blogger
had a distinct take.

“That is the primary time in a very long time that I agree with what Matt Asay wrote on the topic of the 2 surveys on FLOSS adoption by enterprise,” Pogson started. “Clearly, anybody who thinks worries about high quality and so on., are holding again FLOSS has not checked out what persons are really doing within the again rooms of IT.

“Folks want IT that works for them, and when FLOSS is available in on the lowest value, provides the perfect reliability and the perfect efficiency, who would hesitate to offer it a trial?” he defined. “In fact FLOSS shouldn’t be trouble-free, however all the issues are soluble as a result of of the openness of FLOSS. If you cannot discover FLOSS that does what you need you’ll be able to shortly change some comparable FLOSS and make it occur.”

‘Simply Construct It and It Occurs’

That works as a result of “nobody has to return to the drafting board and begin from scratch with FLOSS,” he added. “The majority of the code is already written. Simply construct it and it occurs.”

Folks as we speak are “doing superb issues with servers, databases, engines like google, doc administration, networking and now clouds, and that is all occurring with FLOSS,” Pogson concluded. “Non-free software program by its nature can’t be as collaborative because the world wants software program to be. That is simply the best way issues are.

“FLOSS has been working for enterprise for greater than a decade now,” he added. “It’s stunning that some people are simply noticing.”
FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys

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