Future of comic books? Microsoft, Disney release ‘Tron: Legacy’ in HTML5
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Future of comic books? Microsoft, Disney release ‘Tron: Legacy’ in HTML5

Future of comic books? Microsoft, Disney release ‘Tron: Legacy’ in HTML5Comic books made the leap to the net world way back, however Microsoft and Disney are aiming to take issues a step additional with the release as we speak of a brand new “Tron: Legacy” graphic novel constructed in HTML5, the following era of the underlying language of the net. The mission, available here, is designed in half to showcase the use of HTML5 with {hardware} acceleration in Microsoft’s Web Explorer 9 browser.

The sleek, side-scrolling novel feels one thing like a standard comic ebook, however the panels and characters transfer and snap into place because the story unfolds, with dramatic music beneath. It was constructed in a couple of month by a small staff led by the Vectorform interactive design company.

“It actually brings it to life in a totally new manner,” mentioned Nachie Castro, Disney Publishing world editor.

One of the targets of IE9 is to make the net really feel extra like an software, and the Tron: Legacy graphic novel is “a fairly nice illustration of that,” mentioned Ryan Gavin, a senior director for Web Explorer. There’s additionally a whole Tron: Legacy app for the iPad, however Gavin mentioned the technical efficiency of the net model in Web Explorer 9 ought to examine very properly.

The core expertise of the net is extending past the browser, as properly. Microsoft mentioned this week that the next version of its Windows operating system will rely closely on HTML5 and JavaScript for functions.

In fact different browsers additionally assist HTML5, and the graphic novel additionally appears to run properly in Google Chrome, in my utilization this morning. I’ve had much less success working it in the most recent model of Firefox. Mozilla and Microsoft have disagreed in the past over which internet requirements to emphasise.

See this detailed technical post on Microsoft’s Exploring IE weblog for extra on how the Tron graphic novel was created.

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