Geekoween 2017: From Trekkies to Amazon’s Alexa, Seattle-area geeks get decked out for the holiday

Seattle-area geeks love to dress up for Halloween. Or Geekoween, as we call it around here today.

And because our audience is full of creative folks, we’re not surprised by some of the inventive ideas that we’re already seeing. There’s even a woman named Alexa dressed as a full-size talking Amazon Alexa device. She should be ready to answer way too many questions today. “Alexa, what’s your favorite candy?”

If you or a bunch of people at your company are in the spirit, make sure to tweet and tag your images with #Geekoween, or email us at tips@geekwire.com to show off your costumes. We’ll be updating this post throughout the day.

Have fun!

It’s #geekoween! GeekWire’s @toddbishop is pumped. Tweet or email pics to tips@geekwire.com for possible publication in GeekWire today. pic.twitter.com/W9LWzFRfll

— GeekWire (@geekwire) October 31, 2017

This is Alexa as Alexa. @amazon #brilliant #AmazonEcho #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/FWCpHZWAOw

— Lilly Rolnick (@lilly_rolnick) October 31, 2017

We’re #Halloween-ready at @Amazon! pic.twitter.com/AqqkTOEvER

— Meg Coyle (@MegCoyleKing) October 31, 2017

It was the only logical costume choice! @StarTrek #StarTrekHalloween pic.twitter.com/tIXUTDSPtq

— Tom Gamache ☕️? (@thomasgamache_) October 31, 2017

Happy #geekoween @geekwire from the @PushSpring Fremont Flying Squirrel pic.twitter.com/Fl9fUGkEXy

— PushSpring (@PushSpring) October 31, 2017

I love being an engineer at AMAZON! #bepeculiar pic.twitter.com/ABRb24dt3F

— Mark Miller (@MarkMil00317986) October 31, 2017

My #costume today: pic.twitter.com/rqh0jR5tAq

— The Tim (@The_Tim) October 31, 2017

Our amazing and spirited front desk @amazon #2Spooky #HappyHalloween #BePeculiar pic.twitter.com/GOgwLluMCG

— Akersh (@TheOnlyAkersh) October 31, 2017

@geekwire @toddbishop @kslosh Who let the dogs (+1 giraffe) out?! @BitTitan! Happy #Geekoween! #Bellevue #Tech #HappyHalloween2017 pic.twitter.com/zPhvfB10lG

— BitTitan (@BitTitan) October 31, 2017

Great to have @ItsFlo and a runaway bride in the @BitTitan office today! Do you have wedding insurance, too?? @geekwire #Geekoween #BitTitan pic.twitter.com/j4qEGZTK6X

— BitTitan (@BitTitan) October 31, 2017

LimeMates at @SouthwestAir! #geekoween #SEATechOrTreat #spookySEA https://t.co/NXvwW8ctZ0

— Limeade (@Limeade) October 31, 2017

Our #Geekoween includes #K8s Pot, Hunter S. Thompson, Pikachu and more. pic.twitter.com/wflmuvEUVx

— Heptio (@heptio) October 31, 2017

Team @sonos #seattle celebrating #geekoween in style. pic.twitter.com/cELJYHygqS

— Laura Morarity (@LauraMorarity) October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Arivale HQ, where the unicorns are plentiful and the snacks are on-brand. #HappyHalloween #geekoween #healthyhalloween pic.twitter.com/o7lJcpg6sS

— Arivale (@arivaleteam) October 31, 2017

It’s a tight race at @VoxusPR for this year’s Halloween costume contest! Which of our 3 finalists is your favorite?! ? @geekwire #Geekoween pic.twitter.com/MR6cyMEcJ0

— VoxusPR (@VoxusPR) October 31, 2017

Uh oh, delivery has gone to the dogs (cute friendly ones at least) got to get back to work. #BePeculiar Happy Halloween ? pic.twitter.com/IFHUgYHF2b

— Dave Clark (@davehclark) October 31, 2017

In a nod to his head coach, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed on a grey wig and chomped some chewing gum to get in the spirit.

oh my god Russell Wilson decided to be Pete Carroll for Halloween pic.twitter.com/FpehS91bnC

— Aron Yohannes (@AronYohannes) October 31, 2017

Bart Claeys provided a detailed step-by-step blog post with images of how his Bitcoin shield costume came together. He even sprayed the thing with Premium Metallic Copper Brilliance spray paint. And he made a zig-zag sword to illustrate the ups and downs of the currency’s value.

Chrissy Vaughn, vice president at WE Communications, below, titled her costume “Running for Office.” She said the get-up was inspired by her love of puns, the increase in women running for political office after last year’s presidential election, and the fact that she does PR for Microsoft’s Office team.

“I decided to make a punny political statement with my costume this year,” Vaughn said. “I’d appreciate your vote for WE Comms Halloween Representative!”

Over at Outreach, there were epic costumes, a photo booth, crafts and candy for the company’s littlest trick-or-treaters. Check out a few of the pics:

The folks at Payscale, the compensation software and data provider, are clearly going to keep us busy today as it appears the entire office is game for geeking out. They even did a multi-character, multi-set “Stranger Things” re-enactment.

TFW it’s #Halloween and you’re waiting on #geekoween to start ??@geekwire pic.twitter.com/lBpna2ilRQ

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

We are a little obsessed with Halloween at PayScale. #strangerthings #Halloween #geekoween @geekwire @pushspring @synapse pic.twitter.com/1uQJmOxwJp

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

Are you jazzing up your office for #Halloween ? Welcome to the PayScale State Fair! @realself @tune @porchdotcom @geekwire @avvo #geekoween pic.twitter.com/54gK44jqpu

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

No clowning around today. #geekoween pic.twitter.com/Gp0Ofec4N4

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

Don’t worry..we’ll be here all day! #geekoween #arresteddevelopment #Halloween pic.twitter.com/ZW0SuxWpGP

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

How about a Suicide Squad that doesn’t totally suck? @geekwire @bamboohr @amazon #geekoween #spookyseattle #Halloween #SuicideSquad pic.twitter.com/AAZZoyxSCT

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

Welcome to the PayScale circus ? @QuantumWork pic.twitter.com/ZkSxfmdxAV

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

@geekwire look into our eyes..ALL OF OUR EYES. ? #geekoween #Halloween #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/CW8OJDAAkq

— PayScale (@payscale) October 31, 2017

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