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GeekWire Podcast: The case against Apple’s App Store; IPOs go crazy; quest for a better email inbox

Here’s what we’re talking about on the GeekWire Podcast this week.

Not everyone loves Apple’s App Store, it seems. This week, it became a target of criticism for its arcane rules and business practices. Even Microsoft President Brad Smith got into it when he said in an interview that he wants more scrutiny on app store policies imposed by its competitors, such as Apple and Google. What is everyone so ticked off about?

A pandemic seems like a crazy time for companies to be pricing their stock and going public, but that’s precisely what several tech firms are doing. We talk about why they’re doing it right now (and why they might be in a hurry) and what this IPO rush might mean for several Seattle-area firms.

It’s no secret that Todd struggles to keep up with the email pouring into his inbox. He is looking forward to trying HEY, a new email management program offered by Basecamp, but John isn’t sure it’s going to make much of a difference. Discuss!

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With GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and John Cook. Produced by Curt Milton. Theme music by Daniel L.K. Caldwell.

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