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Go watch this amazing montage of 100 3D animations reimagining the same moment

A person carries a heavy backpack by way of a war-ravaged metropolis. A medic pushes a zombified corpse on a stretcher towards an ambulance, as an ominous constructing with a emblem for “Harvest Corp” sits in the background. Then we’re on a vivid, vibrantly coloured alien world whose floor is a shallow liquid, the place an astronaut pulls on a wire dragging a car behind them.

That’s simply the first 30 seconds of practically 11 minutes of unusual, lovely, and imaginative worlds all created based mostly on the same authentic animation. The video was assembled by Clinton Jones, aka pwnisher, who challenged animators to create their very own 3D animated scene based mostly on a bare-bones animation he created. The video rounds up his 100 favourite clips.

The premise behind the problem is to take the preliminary animation by Jones and have as many artists as potential re-envision it. Jones’ animation is a facet view of an individual strolling, leaning ahead, taking massive (barely theatrical) steps. The bottom extends into the background underneath a big orb (a planet? Big sizzling air balloon? As much as you!). From that, artists are challenged to make one thing authentic. What’s that enormous orb in the background? What’s inflicting the character to battle strolling ahead? Every animation has its personal rationalization.

The outcomes are merely mesmerizing. Each couple of seconds, we’re transported to a different artist’s tackle a actuality based mostly on the authentic animation. In case you’re a fan or acquainted with standard 3D rendered artwork discovered on Instagram from artists like Beeple or The French Monkey, you may not be shocked to see the quantity of alien worlds or remixes of a cyperpunk-bladerunner-akira-like future. That stated, they’re all lovely and painfully detailed. A lot so that every actually looks like a singular world hinting at a backstory that I’d like to learn or watch extra of.

The true treats, although, are the animations which can be really surprising. One riffs on the animation type most related to Studio Ghibli. One other may truly be stop-motion (if it’s truly a 3D render made to appear like stop-motion then it’s actually cool). There’s a very extremely animated fire-breathing dragon that I rewatched a couple of instances and one other surreal behind-the-scenes “inexperienced display” take with a twist.

For individuals who are curious on what the relaxation of the unused 2,300 renders are like, you’ll be able to watch all 2,400 rendered animations here. However only a warning, it’s two hours 44 minutes and 39 seconds lengthy… Though it’s damaged up into themes, fantasy, journey, video video games, and comics, so you’ll be able to skip to a subject of curiosity or simply sit again and watch all of them.

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