Here’s what the inventor of the web would do differently, if he could go back

Although typing it out is never required as of late, “http://” is important to the web’s DNA. However, like trolls, pop-up advertisements, and political Fb rants, it seems the // is one other pointless staple of the Web.

In an interview with GeekWire on Sunday, pc scientist Tim Berners-Lee stated he would take away the double forward-slash if he have been to go back in time.

When Berners-Lee invented the World Broad Web 25 years in the past, he included the // to indicate a page started at the top, not decrease down at the subsequent slash. However later, he realized he could’ve made the syntax less complicated and web addresses would have been simply as practical.

“I suppose the traditional factor is of the http://,” he stated. “I could have designed out the //, made it pointless and that would have saved so many keystrokes since then, however that wouldn’t have been a basic change. It would have been just a little beauty change.”

Relating to basic adjustments, Berners-Lee thinks the present area system is flawed. He criticized area squatting and urged the complete system be run by a non-profit.

Berners-Lee chatted with GeekWire upfront of the foreveryone.net premiere at the Seattle Worldwide Movie Competition. The documentary illustrates the significance of web neutrality points and human rights, as they relate to the web.

Read our full interview with Berners-Lee here. 

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