The excess supply of cryptocurrencies has led to evaporation in the historic highs reached in November 2021, which has been reflected in significant losses for many investors, visit here for more information about these trends.

To date, the number of digital assets that have been sold has been high enough to destabilize the market, which for many has resulted in millionaire losses.

Panic has been the protagonist during this bearish cycle of Bitcoin, after the investments that many allocated in this and other assets to see their savings multiply.

Although waiting despairs, this is one of the emotions that investors least know how to handle on many occasions; only those who have significant capital and are not afraid of market movements keep their units waiting for new changes.

Historical highs of bitcoin that are reference

If a digital asset has marked the history of the financial market, it has been Bitcoin, which with small but sure steps, has earned the trust of its users and many great entrepreneurs.

The returns that Bitcoin has generated in the 13 years since its origin have been multimillionaires; even its valuation could be considered the highest in the market.

This digital currency has undergone drastic changes that have strengthened its position in the digital financial market. However, what seems strange to many is that despite its volatility, more and more people want to invest in Bitcoin.

In its history, this distinguished cryptocurrency has experienced variations in its price, going from an initial value of 0.00076 dollars to reaching 1,000 dollars in 2013, equaling the value of an ounce of gold that is when the comparison of Bitcoin to gold arises.

After legalizations as a payment method, theft of electronic wallets, and unscrupulous platforms, Bitcoin came out afloat and reached historical values after relevant falls.

In 2021 it had one of the most exciting movements; after a pandemic stage, it became the refuge to generate income and thus obtain more followers, strengthening the financial system and increasing its market capitalization.

In this way, Bitcoin has shown that after substantial falls and great controversy around them, cryptocurrencies come out unscathed and with greater strength to stay in a market as devouring as the financial one.

The history everyone hopes will repeat itself.

Expert financial market analysts have concluded that an uptrend is expected to emerge once the 20 Moving Average exceeds the 100 Moving Average.

So far, it seems that Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are experiencing steep falls, but what is certain is that no one expects their investments to disappear; on the contrary that they multiply.

Bitcoin last year went through a trend similar to the one that has been experienced in recent months, only for the benefit of many; it stabilized and continued to rise steadily, reaching one of its highest prices of 60,000 dollars.

A change in trend may be close; everything depends on the market’s response to the significant drop that already touches 20,000 dollars per unit.

It could be the perfect time to invest and acquire as many units as possible and thus evolve in crypto investments, allowing supply and demand to return to their regular game.

The future of Bitcoin in 2022

The financial market is an environment that is characterized by being vulnerable and susceptible to many variables, which is often complex to be able to predict a trend in terms of digital assets.

When the specific case of Bitcoin comes into analysis, many specialists tend to suggest that technical analysis is not a guarantee that will ensure a future trend.

The facts can be the best ally when assuming an investment position when it comes to making an entry in the cryptographic market; many times, these can contribute to the position taken being positive or, failing that, the facts do not favor the whole operation.

Bitcoin has stood out for having repetitive cycles in terms of its valuation, but let us remember that macroeconomic factors are unpredictable and have recently shown their impact on cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin prices since the beginning of the year have decreased significantly; many have sold their digital currencies, and others keep them in reserve.

The decisions depend solely and exclusively on its users; the market has been sufficiently altered to take a definitive position, and everything is subject to the change in trend, possibly continuing to fall, expecting a significant rise.

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