Hot or not? This Selfie Bot will rate your photos

Is that selfie sizzling sufficient to load to Tinder?

Now, you received’t must make such annoying choices by your self. A brand new selfie bot will rate that photograph for you.

Developed by Andrej Karpathy, who’s getting his doctorate in pc science from Stanford, it’s half of a bigger mission he particulars on his blog about deep neural networks. He writes:

“Convolutional Neural Networks are nice: they acknowledge issues, locations and other people in your private photos, indicators, individuals and lights in self-driving vehicles, crops, forests and visitors in aerial imagery, varied anomalies in medical photographs and all types of different helpful issues.

“However infrequently these highly effective visible recognition fashions will also be warped for distraction, enjoyable and amusement. On this enjoyable experiment we’re going to just do that: We’ll take a robust, 140-million-parameter state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Community, feed it 2 million selfies from the web, and practice it to categorise good selfies from unhealthy ones. Simply because it’s simple and since we are able to. And within the course of we’d learn to take higher selfies :)”

Intrigued? Take your selfie (it really works on profile pics however actually actually likes the selfie), and tweet it to @deepselfie.

Like all bots, proceed with warning.The Selfie Bot’s bio says that it’s about 60 % correct, however it’s not programmed to spare emotions. Nevertheless, it will throw you a bone right here and there:

. @MattPaul25 taking a look at https://t.co/7hgTtZvbTe your selfie will get a rating of fifty.6%. It is okay.

— Selfie Bot (@deepselfie) October 25, 2015

. @ArturoS95 taking a look at https://t.co/ySVqepuhjK your selfie will get a rating of 54.8%. Good one.

— Selfie Bot (@deepselfie) October 25, 2015

. @Loodazy taking a look at https://t.co/uan3hSgcV8 your selfie will get a rating of 46.9%. It’s kind of under common.

— Selfie Bot (@deepselfie) October 25, 2015

I’ve now checked out 175 of your selfies, nearly 0.01% of the variety of selfies I’ve seen throughout my coaching. Prime rating thus far is ~70%.

— Selfie Bot (@deepselfie) October 26, 2015

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