How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

Over the previous couple of months, we have been constructing out a photo voltaic generator. The challenge began
as a
simple, heavy-duty battery with a cigarette lighter adapter — impressed partly by
pictures of Hurricane Sandy victims scrambling to discover strategies for charging units like
smartphones and tablets.

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

Optima 8014-045-FFP YellowTop Group 34/78 Deep Cycle Battery

We then
added a photovoltaic solar panel with cost controller to the challenge to prolong battery life. The panel collects power from the solar’s rays and tops up the battery, offering theoretically countless energy for charging telephones.

Let There Be Light

The third a part of our challenge is to add mild. New, super-efficient Light Emitting Diode, or LED, know-how means it is attainable to create vibrant mild with little or no electrical draw.

This know-how is an ideal answer within the occasion of an prolonged energy outage — or a tenting journey.

Step 1: Supply Your Lights

Search for LED know-how designed by chief Cree, and made or licensed by the
firm. I’ve written about ipso-facto-standard Cree earlier than in
High-Tech Flashlights
Could Turn You Into a Collector

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

AGT LED Off Street Light

Search for a low amperage draw — a few amps is ideal. Make the most of car
purposes, that are already in 12-volts DC, the proper voltage, somewhat than patio flood
lights — an alternate — which want changing.

I used an off-road work mild designed for All Terrain Automobiles made by AGT (about
US$62 for a pair at Amazon). Every mild makes use of 9 3-watt Cree chips making a vibrant 1200
lumens every.

Importantly, one mild attracts an extremely low two-amps. So, in case you’re utilizing the 55-amp
hour Optima battery instructed within the first a part of this How To sequence, one AGT mild will
run for 13.75 hours earlier than the battery turns into 50 % depleted and can want a daylight shot
from the photo voltaic panel and cost controller combo.

Step 2: Mounting

Mount a light-included stainless-steel bracket onto a polyethylene battery field by drilling
an acceptable gap within the field lid and fastening with light-included bolt. You may decide
up a battery field, typically known as storage case, at auto components sellers.

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

Mr. Gasket Battery Storage Case

The packing containers are additionally
usually utilized in trolling purposes for fishing, so marinas are an excellent supply too.

Then connect one of many lights to the bracket. Maintain the opposite mild as a spare.

Step 3: Prepping the Cost Controller

Take away the prevailing fuse from the prevailing crimson wire that runs between the cost
controller terminal labeled “Battery +” (or related) and the battery.

Take away the prevailing cigarette lighter adapter from the terminals labeled “Load +” and
“Load –” on the cost controller, and put the adapter to one facet.

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

In-line Fuse Holder

Step 4: Collect the Components

Receive an in-line automotive pigtailed fuse holder, a 10-amp fuse, some butt connectors
and ring terminals. Fry’s Electronics is an efficient supply of components.

Tip: You may examine wire and the instruments to use in
Coming to Grips with Wire.

Step 5: Crimping Connections

Crimp one crimson ring terminal onto the included black lead that is related to the LED
mild’s housing. That is the unfavourable facet.

Crimp one finish of the brand new empty fuse holder’s crimson pigtail to the included crimson lead that’s
additionally related to the LED mild’s housing. Use a blue butt connector. Then crimp a crimson
ring terminal to the opposite finish of the fuse holder’s crimson pigtail. This creates in in-line fuse
within the crimson, constructive facet of the sunshine. Do not add the fuse but.

Step 6: Wiring

Connect the crimson wire that leads from the LED mild, by way of the fuse holder, to the constructive
terminal labeled “Load +” or related on the prevailing cost controller.

Join the black wire to the unfavourable terminal labeled “Load –” on the cost

Step 7: Activate the Light

Insert the load circuit fuse after which the battery circuit fuse. The sunshine will illuminate.

How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

Morningstar SunSaver Cost Controller

Tip: Morningstar SunSaver cost controllers just like the one utilized in our challenge will change the sunshine off robotically when the battery capability drops to a factory-set stage of depletion. That is designed to keep away from battery injury. Or, flip off the sunshine by rigorously eradicating the black wire from the unfavourable Load terminal on the cost controller.

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How to Get Light From Your Backup Battery

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