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HTC Bootloader Unlock Tool Free Download (Full Version)

HTC Bootloader Unlock Tool Free Download (Full Version)
When released to the public, mobile phone come with their bootloader locked by default, in order to encourage users to stick to the original Android OS version, specifically designed for that particular device. Locked bootloaders don’t allow rooting and therefore, custom ROM flashing is not possible.
In order to gain full control over your mobile device, the first thing you must do is unlock the bootloader (the set of instructions that tells the device how to boot the OS kernel). HTC Bootloader Unlock is a handy tool that can help you achieve this purpose and as you can deduct from its name, it is especially designed for HTC handsets.
Unlocking the bootloader is a sensitive technical procedure and therefore, unexpected side effects might occur. Therefore, this procedure results in voiding your warranty. The involved risks range from invalidating the access to certain applications to physically damaging the device. In the worst case scenario, your phone may become practically unusable.
HTC Bootloader Unlock promises to provide a secure way to unlock the bootloader, without damaging the handheld device in any way. Once your phone is connected to the computer and the USB debugging mode is enabled, the application notifies you that carrying on with the operation wipes off all the data stored on the device.
Initiating the unlocking process is just a matter of pressing a button and the application proceeds to fetching the unlock token and unlock the bootloader. The phone must not be disconnected from the PC during this operation, since that might result in data loss and device damage. Locking the device back implies a similar set of actions.
HTC Bootloader Unlock is very easy to use, but the nature of the procedure an its consequences makes it suitable for advanced users only. If you still decide to unlock the bootloader, this application can help you make the first step towards fully controlling your HTC mobile phone.


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