In countdown to New Horizons flyby, NASA releases incredible photos of Pluto

The New Horizons probe that launched in 2006 is about to attain its vacation spot: Pluto.

In the countdown to the July 14 flyby, NASA’s New Horizons’ released the above video displaying some of the clearest footage of Pluto and its moon Charon but, captured between Might 28 and June 25 whereas the spacecraft closed the gap to Pluto, from 35 million miles down to 14 million miles.

Under, the image of Pluto and Charon:

What stunned scientists essentially the most turned out to be a series of mysterious spots alongside Pluto’s equator, every about equal distance from each other and the dimensions of Missouri, which you’ll see right here:

“It’s an actual puzzle — we don’t know what the spots are, and we are able to’t wait to discover out,” stated New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern of the Southwest Analysis Institute, Boulder, within the NASA replace. “Additionally puzzling is the longstanding and dramatic distinction within the colours and look of Pluto in contrast to its darker and grayer moon Charon.”

Whereas the flyby is generally about gathering info on Pluto’s ambiance — particularly the seek for clouds and figuring out its composition — hopefully getting nearer will shed some gentle on the case of the mysterious spots. The primary footage are due again by July 15. 


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