It’s official: Study confirms grammar snobs really are the worst

“Grammar snobs are a definite breed from their light cousins: phrase nerds and grammar geeks,” writes June Casagrande in Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies. “The distinction is bloodlust.”

A new study confirms what Casagrande and anybody who’s ever acquired a bit of constructive criticism on an e-mail already knew. Individuals who (or ought to I say whom?) are simply vexed by grammatical errors are simply the worst. Researchers from the College of Michigan discovered a correlation between having an agreeable and extroverted character and the skill to let these little e-mail errors slide.

Eighty-three folks had been requested to learn faux e-mail responses to a roommate needed advert. Some emails contained typos and grammatical errors and a few didn’t. They had been requested to price the “potential roommates” primarily based on a collection of prompts after studying the emails. Contributors had been then rated primarily based on the Huge 5 Character Index (BFI), which measures extraversion, agreeability, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness.

Contributors who had been extra extroverted, conscientious, and open (in response to the BFI) tended to have a extra optimistic and fewer judgmental view of potential housemates with errors of their emails.


“Much less agreeable members confirmed extra sensitivity to grammos than members excessive in agreeability,” researchers say, “maybe as a result of much less agreeable folks are much less tolerant of deviations from conference.”

Put one other manner, grammar snobs could also be grammar snobs as a result of they only can’t let issues go.

Stannis is a fellow grammar nazi

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