LG Flash Tool for LG Phones……

LGUP Tool is the latest LG Flash tool that allows you to flash the kdz/tot/bin format LG Stock firmware on Any LG Android device. Most of the user doesn’t know how to Download LGUP Tool and install the latest LG Flash Tool on your PC. With this free LGUP flash tool, you can quickly upgrade or downgrade your LG Phone. and one of the smartest ways to install the latest android update on LG devices.

LGUP Tool / LG Flash Tool for LG Phones [UPDATED]


Features LGUP Tool / LG Flash Tool

a) Easy to flash the firmware on your phone.

b) If you are the rooted user with some custom ROM, then you can easily flash stock firmware using the LGUP flash tool, you can unroot your LG phone and you can bring it to stock state.

c) Sometimes firmware’s are released for a geographical location. So in this situation, you can get the OTA update and have to wait for few more weeks to releases for your region.

At this time you can use the Flash tool to install the Firmware on your phone.
LGUP Tool / LG Flash Tool for LG Phones [UPDATED]

Download LGUP Tool for LG Phones

The Zip file comes with two applications LGUP install and DLL file. Both come in .msi format and works on any Windows PC. You need to install both the files on your Windows PC to make the flash tool work.

Also, you need to install the LG drivers on your PC. You can find the download link below. Without these drivers, you can’t run the flash tool on your PC.

How to Install LGUP Flash Tool

1. Download the zip file from the download section and extract the LGUP flash tool on your Windows PC.

2. Download and Install the LG USB drivers.

3. now in the LGUP folder you will see two files. First Install the LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23.msi. This will install some DLL files automatically.

4. After that install the LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi executable and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

DONE!!! LGUP Flash Tool is now installed on your Windows PC. Now you can use this flash tool to install the stock firmware on your LG phone.

How to install LG Firmware With LG Flash tool

1. Download and install the LGUP flash tool.

2. Install the LG USB drivers.

3. Connect your LG phone and then Open the LGUP flash tool.

4. Now your LG phone will be listed on the LGUP tool. If not then reconnect the phone.

5. Make sure the BIN file is ticked on the flash tool and in the File Path point it towards the MM KDZ you have downloaded.

6. IMPORTANT!!!!!!! shut down LGUP!

7. Now open LGUP again – you will notice that the MM KDZ will still be showing in the FILE PATH section.

8. Select REFURBISH option in the flash tool and make sure the BIN file is ticked. Press Start.

9. Once the process is completed, your phone will restart and you are DONE with the flashing and you may unplug your device from the PC.

If you have any questions or you are facing any problems with the download links then let me know.