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M.A Team Tool v4.0 Free Download – No Need Activation

M.A Team Tool V4.0 is a small application for windows computer created by M.A Team, which allows you to flash, Unlocking, Rooting, and more on your devices running on MediaTek chipsets.

M.A Team Tool v4.0 Free Download - No Need Activation

Features MA TEAM TOOL V4.0:



  • 1-Arabic 
  • Arabic 10.xx   
  • Arabic 9.xx  
  • Arabic 8.xx  
  • Arabic 7.xx  
  • Arabic 6.xx  
  • Arabic 5.xx    
  • Arabic Keyborad   
  • Change Arabic More local

2-Unlock SIM 

  • Unlock SIM Verizon 
  • Unlock SIM Sprint (SU)
  • Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom
  • Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom (SU)
  • Unlock SIM T-Mobile (SU)
  • Unlock SIM MetroPcs

3-Remove App

  • Remove App Verizon
  • Remove App Sprint
  • Remove App ATT & T
  • Remove App T-Mobile
  • Remove App Amazon
  • Remove App ChineTelecom

4-Change CSC

  • ChangeCSC 10.xx
  • ChangeCSC 9.xx
  • ChangeCSC 8.xx

5-Remove ScreenLock

  • Remove Screen Lock (No Root)
  • Restore SystemUI
  • Remove Screen Lock (With Root)
  • Fix Reboot Bootloop

Part Samsung

1-Format By modem Port
2-Reboot Recovery Modem Port
3-Reboot Download mode Modem Port
4-Fix 3G Sprint modem Port
5-Zero SPC Serial Port
6-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU)
7-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU) method-2
8-Bypass Frp VZW Modem Port


Part LG Phones

1-Open Port LG Phones
2-Skip Lock Screen (modem – Serial) Port
3-Format Or wipe Data (modem Port)
4-Reboot Download Mode modem port
5-Open Hidde menu modem Port
6-Zero SPC Serial Port
7- Enable ADB Modem Port
8-Modem Reset Modem Port
9-Enable Diag Modem Port
10-Unlock Lg Sprint With ADB


  • Unlock Download Mode TracFone (SU)
  • FRP Google ADB
  • Change Network CDMA
  • Change Network GSM
  • Change Arabic


  • Unlock And Fix SIM LG X210 And ALL
  • Fix Hand Free LG
  • Fix Hand Free LG New Stylo5
  • Enable DIAG
  • Add APN
  • APP Shortcut
  • APP Hidden Menu
  • Enable Unknown Source


  • 1-Unlock
  • Reboot EDL
  • Unlock SIM ZTE MTK
  • Unlock SIM ZTE Sprint
  • 2-Bypass Google Account ZTE


  • ZTE N9521
  • ZTE N9131
  • ZTE N9560
  • ZTE N9517
  • ZTE N9518
  • ZTE N9519
  • ZTE N9132
  • ZTE N9136
  • ZTE N9137
  • ZTE Z963U
  • ZTE Z833
  • ZTE Z982


1-ANS UL40
FRP Google
2-ANS UL50
FRP Google


1-Remove FRP Code PWD
3-FRP Fastboot Old and New
5-Unlock SIM MTK


2-Add DST APN App
3-Edit APN
4-3G (ROOT)
5-Change Network CDMA
6-Change Network GSM


1-Info Selected
2-Format User Data
3-unlock Selected
4-Reboot EDL
5-Reboot Home
6-OEM Unlock
7-Zero Modem

(Fastboot Unlock SIM)

  1. OnePlus

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