Man reaches 88 mph in his DeLorean, but $400 ticket later, he doesn’t get ‘Back to the Future’

A DeLorean driver who was out for a ride with his mom took his iconic car up to 88 mph on a California highway, but he didn’t trigger an explosive journey through time like in the movie “Back to the Future.” Instead he ended up with a $400 speeding ticket.

Spencer White, 36, of Santa Clarita, Calif., said he was at 88 — the speed necessary in the classic Michael J. Fox film to initiate time travel — for just a couple of seconds before he was pulled over. He told KTLA 5 that he and his mother both started laughing when the officer told them how fast they were going in the 65 mph zone.

The officer was amused, too, White said, and even let the driver photograph the readout on his radar gun.

Without a flux capacitor or any plutonium on board, there was no real chance that White and his mother would end up in the past or future.

According to “Good Morning America,” White saved for four years to buy the DeLorean. He hoped he might get off with just a warning, but now that he has the “dream ticket,” as he called it, he’ll probably frame it.

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