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Mastering Influence Course

Mastering Influence Course

Mastering Influence is a 10-day program that will teach you the art of sales. Learn the ins and outs of human psychology in a way that will let you break down barriers, exert powerful influence on other people, and never hear the word “no” again. Featuring strategies from the world’s best minds in business, the skills gained from this groundbreaking program will give you the edge over your competitors and grow your revenue geometrically.

What you will discover:

  • What truly motivates potential buyers – and how to leverage that to close the deal
  • The proven strategies used by global business leaders to persuade their audience
  • Key closing strategies used by top executives and business leaders
  • How to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and clients
  • The secrets to consistently exceeding your sales goals
  • How mastering influence is about helping others in order to help yourself

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