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Microsoft is acquiring Intentional Software, founded by Office pioneer Charles Simonyi

Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire Intentional Software, a Bellevue, Wash.-based productivity technology company founded by one of the pioneers of Microsoft’s Office applications, Charles Simonyi.

“I am excited, stoked, amped, and elated to join forces again with Microsoft, the premier high-tech company in the world,” writes Simonyi in a post about the news. “I am very happy that after this deal is completed, the talented team at Intentional will have a fantastic new home to continue our work and contribute to great products.”

Financial terms weren’t disclosed. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval.

Intentional Software, founded in 2002, was initially focused on making programming more accessible for developing software applications, but the company has evolved in recent years “to develop productivity scenarios for the future workforce,” notes Rajesh Jha, executive vice president for the Microsoft Office product group.

“This acquisition will build on the work we’re already doing to deliver the tools necessary to be productive in an information-rich world,” writes Jha. “Intentional Software’s technology and talent will enhance our existing capabilities and strengthen our ability to add new tools and services to Microsoft’s robust productivity offering. We’re excited about the company’s work on productivity applications, especially given our focus of putting people at the center of experiences and our continued effort to reimagine collaboration.”

Jha cites Simonyi’s work past at Microsoft, overseeing the creation of apps including Excel and Word. “Now it’s my honor to welcome Charles back to Microsoft, along with his exceptional team,” he writes.

UPDATE, 9 a.m.: The Intentional Software team will be joining Microsoft’s Office Product Group. Simonyi will be a technical fellow, reporting to Jha. The companies aren’t disclosing the number of employees who will be joining Microsoft from Intentional. The acquisition is for both technology and talent.

On its LinkedIn page, Intentional explains more about what it has been working on. “Intentional’s applications will enable people to capture and present their ideas, regardless of the type of content: text, tables, spreadsheets, photos, and drawings, coming from all kinds of input methods, from touch screens and video inputs to voice and motion sensors. In addition, team members located in the same room or across the world can view, comment, and collaborate in real time to advance your ideas at a rate previously unimaginable.”

Intentional Software CEO Eric Anderson, the investor and commercial space entrepreneur, writes about the acquisition in this post.

Simonyi has made headlines in recent years as a space tourist, making two visits to the International Space Station.

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