Milking this for all it’s worth: Nintendo gamers take on real dairy farmers in ‘1-2-Switch’ contest

We might watch this till the cows come house!

A dairy farm in Vermont was so assured in the milking expertise of its farmers, that it challenged Nintendo of America to a contest. However as an alternative of real cows, gamers from Nintendo took on the farmers in “1-2-Swap” on the brand new sport console.

“1-2-Swap” lets opponents face one another as an alternative of the tv in actions akin to a Wild West shootout, a dance competitors and cow milking. At Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock, Vt., somebody thought real farmers might get the most effective of real gamers.

With Pleasure-Con controllers in hand, the opponents mimicked the real motion of milking a cow. HD Rumble in the controller makes the actions really feel much more lifelike, just like the cows are reacting to having their udders yanked. With a Swap system and TV positioned in the center of a barn, milk flowed from the animated cows on the display.

Real cows in the background didn’t appear significantly mooved. Test it out:

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