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MSG-3 Weather Satellite Captures its First Image of Earth

MSG-3 first picture of Earth, acquired on 7 August 2012 by its Spinning Enhanced Seen and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI). Credit: Eumetsat

Launched on 5 July, the MSG-3 climate satellite tv for pc used the Spinning Enhanced Seen and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI) instrument to seize its first picture of Earth.

In the present day, the Spinning Enhanced Seen and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI) instrument on MSG-3 captured its first picture of the Earth. This demonstrates that Europe’s newest geostationary climate satellite tv for pc, launched on 5 July, is performing properly and is on its technique to taking up operational service after six months of commissioning.

The European House Company (ESA) was answerable for the preliminary operations after launch (the so-called launch and early orbit section) of MSG-3 and handed over the satellite tv for pc to EUMETSAT on 16 July.

The primary picture is a joint achievement by ESA, EUMETSAT, and the European area business. For its obligatory applications, EUMETSAT depends on ESA for the event of new satellites and the procurement of recurrent satellites like MSG-3. This cooperation mannequin has made Europe a world chief in satellite tv for pc meteorology by making finest use of the respective experience of the 2 companies.

About Meteosat Second Technology

MSG is a joint programme undertaken by ESA and EUMETSAT. ESA is answerable for the event of satellites fulfilling person and system necessities outlined by EUMETSAT and of the procurement of recurrent satellites on its behalf. ESA additionally performs the Launch and Early Orbit Part operations required to put the spacecraft in geostationary orbit, earlier than handing it over to EUMETSAT for exploitation.

EUMETSAT develops all floor programs required to ship services to customers and to answer their evolving wants, procures launch companies and operates the complete system for the profit of customers.

MSG-3 is the third in a collection of 4 satellites launched in 2002. These spin-stabilised satellites carry the first Spinning Enhanced Seen and Infrared Imager, or SEVIRI. The prime contractor for the MSG satellites is Thales Alenia House, with the SEVIRI instrument constructed by Astrium.

SEVIRI delivers enhanced climate protection over Europe and Africa with a view to enhance very quick vary forecasts, specifically for quickly growing thunder storms or fog. It scans Earth’s floor and environment each quarter-hour in 12 totally different wavelengths, to trace cloud growth.

SEVIRI can pick options as small as a kilometer throughout within the seen bands, and three kilometers within the infrared.

Along with its weather-watching mission and assortment of local weather data, MSG-3 has two secondary payloads.

The Geostationary Earth Radiation Finances sensor measures each the quantity of photo voltaic power that’s mirrored again into area and the infrared power radiated by the Earth system, to higher perceive local weather processes.

A Search & Rescue transponder will flip the satellite tv for pc right into a relay for misery alerts from emergency beacons.

The MSG satellites have been in-built Cannes, France, by a European industrial group led by Thales Alenia House, France. Greater than 50 subcontractors from 13 European international locations are concerned.

The final of the collection, MSG-4, is deliberate for launch in 2015.

Image: Eumetsat

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