Naveen Jain’s microbiome and diagnostics startup Viome is raising more cash

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Seattle-area microbiome and diagnostics startup Viome Life Sciences is raising more cash, according to a new regulatory filing.

The filing shows $67 million raised of a larger round. We’ve reached out to Viome to learn more and will update when we hear back. Update: Viome corroborated the funding amount in a statement Tuesday.

Viome sells a kit to determine the microbial composition of stool samples and recommends “precision” supplements and probiotics based on an individual’s readout. This July, the company released a “Full Body Intelligence Test” that also analyzes saliva and blood samples. Earlier this year celebrity and socialite Paris Hilton became a Viome brand ambassador.

The company is also developing a diagnostic test for oral and throat cancer that has received breakthrough device designation from the FDA, enabling it to receive expedited assessment prior to approval.

In April 2021, the six-year old company said it had more than 200,000 customers and was anticipating revenue to hit $100 million in 2022.

Viome is the seventh venture of founder and CEO Naveen Jain. Jain is the founder and former CEO of InfoSpace and also co-founded public records firm Intelius, as well as Moon Express, which aims to take paying customers to the moon.

Viome raised $54 million raised in November, bringing its total funding to more than $125 million.

Viome’s previous investors include Khosla Ventures, WestRiver Group, Glico, Physician Partners, Ocgrow Ventures and Bold Capital Group. All these investors participated in the new funding round, which was led by Bold Capital. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was an early investor in the company.

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