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New CheckM8 iCloud Bypass windows Tool MEID GSM with calls 12 – 14.8.1 checkra1n required

CheckM8 V3.2.5 Software Release of a new version for Windows!

The checkm8 team just released a new windows tool to bypass iCloud using checkra1n jailbreak with calls support. This is the same software for MEID AND GSM with calls we had seen on mac, but now checkm8 info released the same service and same prices to all supported devices but now you can do it with Windows PC.
New CheckM8 iCloud Bypass windows Tool MEID GSM with calls 12 – 14.8.1 checkra1n required
Checkm8 is a reliable tool to bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen on iPhone & iPad running on iOS 12.0 up to iOS 14.8.1!

  • Bypass Activation Lock Screen in 1 click
  • Support for iOS from 12.0 and up to iOS 14.8.1
  • Compatible with iPhone 5S up to X [GSM & MEID version]
  • Compatible with iPad (Air, Mini, Pro) released in 2013 – 2017
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows PC


Bypass iCloud / Carrier + Signal 
Promo Code 👉 myicloudinfo

10% Discount 


1-Run the jailbreak checkra1n USB boot disk
2-boot windows and Download program Checkm8.info
3: Install and open the app
4: connect device
5: open the app After you will be redirected to the payment website
6:Enter Promo Code: myicloudinfo 
7: Remove SIM card From iPhone
8: Follow steps to complete payment
9: Go back in App and Click on Start

Download Link

Features CheckM8:

Simple Usage

One-click iCloud Bypass process. No need to install some other tools on your PC. After bypass, you will be able to use a new Apple ID, Apple Store ID on your device

Built-in Jailbreak

You must jailbreak your device using the newest Checkra1n jailbreak tool that’s already built-in the Checkm8.info iCloud Bypass Software.

Supported iPhone models:

iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

Supported iPad models:

iPad (4, 5, 6 generation), iPad Air (1,2), iPad Mini (2, 3, 4) iPad Pro 1, 2 (2015 – 2017)

CheckM8 Unlock iCloud Tools – How It Works?

Any user can face an iPhone Activation Lock issue at some point. More chances for this problem to come up is when you buy in the aftermarket or at any popular marketplace like Amazon or eBay. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you should know there is a solution. Our Checkm8 software will help you to Bypass iPhone Activation Lock for FREE!

But first, let’s figure out what iPhone Activation Lock is. Activation Lock is a part of the Find My iPhone app. This app was designed for the purpose of security. Its main task is to prevent unauthorized iPhone use in case it’s lost or stolen and even to erase the device remotely.

iPhone Activation Lock or iPhone Activation Screen is the means to protect any personal information used in case a Phone gets into the wrong hands. It also can give an owner more chances to get his or her device back by displaying customized messages on the Lock Screen. The message can display a contact phone number or other details on how to contact the owner.

iPhone Activation Lock will be turned on automatically once an owner signs in to iCloud and activates the Find My iPhone feature. To do so, he or she should remember their Apple ID and password. Once this feature is activated, anyone having the iPhone on hand should enter an Apple ID password or the device passcode to turn to the Find My iPhone feature off, erase or reactivate the device.

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