New Defense Against Bacterial Superbugs: Taking Fish Oil May Reduce Antibiotic Resistance

New Defense Against Bacterial Superbugs: Taking Fish Oil May Reduce Antibiotic Resistance

New Defense Against Bacterial Superbugs: Taking Fish Oil May Reduce Antibiotic Resistance

For the primary time, Australian scientists have confirmed a hyperlink between the position of normal fish oil to interrupt down the flexibility of ‘superbugs’ to turn into proof against antibiotics.

The invention, led by Flinders College and simply revealed in worldwide journal mBio, discovered that the antimicrobial powers of fish oil fatty acids may show a easy and protected dietary complement for individuals to take with antibiotics to make their struggle towards an infection more practical.

“Importantly, our research point out {that a} main antibiotic resistance mechanism in cells will be negatively impacted by the uptake of omega-3 dietary lipids,” says microbiologist Dr. Bart Eijkelkamp, who leads the Bacterial Host Adaptation Analysis Lab at Flinders College.

“Within the experiments, and complementary supercomputer modeling, we discovered that these fatty acids in fish oil renders the micro organism extra vulnerable to varied frequent antibiotics.”

“This chink within the armor of dangerous micro organism is a crucial step ahead in combatting the rise of superbugs which can be growing multidrug resistance to antibiotics,” says co-author Affiliate Professor Megan O’Mara, from the Australian Nationwide College.

Dr. Bart Eijkelkamp, left, and researchers Felice Adams and Maoge Zang on the Bacterial Host Adaptation Analysis Laboratory at Flinders College, South Australia. Credit score: Flinders College

The analysis is important within the area of infectious ailments brought on by micro organism resembling Acinetobacter baumannii, a number one hospital-acquired pathogen with unprecedented ranges of antibiotic resistance around the globe.

“With the rise of superbugs, we’ve got now been capable of present that grasping bacterium can not distinguish between ‘good and unhealthy’ host fatty acids and can eat all of those throughout an an infection,” says one other co-author Dr. Felise Adams, from Flinders College.

“Our analysis confirmed that fish oil fatty acids turn into a part of the micro organism membrane and thus make the invading micro organism membrane extra permeable and vulnerable to the antibiotics getting used to assault it.”

“We all know Acinetobacter baumannii is without doubt one of the world’s most infamous multidrug-resistant pathogens, but the way it responds to host-mediated stress is poorly understood.”

“These research present new insights into the potential advantages of omega-3 dietary supplements for bacterial an infection, specifically throughout antibiotic therapy,” says Professor Anton Peleg, director of the Division of Infectious Ailments at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.


“To make or take: bacterial lipid homeostasis throughout an infection” by Felise G Adams, Claudia Trappetti, Jack Okay Waters, Maoge Zang, Erin B Brazel, James C Paton, Marten F Snel and Bart A Eijkelkamp, 9 June 2021, mBio.
DOI: 10.1128/mBio.00928-21

“The membrane composition defines the spatial organisation and performance of a serious Acinetobacter baumannii drug efflux system” by Maoge Zang, Hugo MacDermott-Opeskin, Felise G Adams, Varsha Naidu, Jack Okay Waters, Ashley B Carey, Alex Ashenden, Kimberley T McLean, Erin B Brazel , Jhih Dangle Jiang, Alessandra Panizza, Claudia Trappetti, James C Paton, Anton Y Peleg, Ingo Köper, Ian T Paulsen, Karl A Hassan, Megan L O’Mara and Bart A Eijkelkamp, 9 June 20201, mBio.
DOI: 10.1128/mBio.01070-21

The 2 analysis publications characteristic collaborators from ANU, Macquarie College, College of Adelaide, Monash College, College of Newcastle and the SA Well being and Medical Analysis Institute (SAHMRI), with funding from NHMRC Venture Grants 1140554 to MLO and 1159752 and supporting collaborations.

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