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New iPad Pro still coming soon but supply could be short, says Bloomberg

Apple’s next iPad Pro may face supply constraints at launch due to issues in production, according to a . Apple’s suppliers are said to be having trouble with low manufacturing yields for the new Mini LED display rumored to be the key feature of the new 12.9-inch model; one manufacturer has reportedly paused production.

that iPad production had been delayed by a shortage of displays and display components, though the publication didn’t specify which models had been hit. , the new iPad Pro lineup is still expected to be announced later this month.

It’s possible, though, that the larger model may have a later shipping date. The smaller model reportedly won’t use the Mini LED display, but other upgrades across the line are said to include a faster processor similar in power to the M1 chip in Apple’s new Macs, as well as an upgraded USB-C port and better cameras.

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