Nokia CEO: A Microsoft device could boost Windows Phone ecosystem overall
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Nokia CEO: A Microsoft device could boost Windows Phone ecosystem overall

Nokia CEO: A Microsoft device could boost Windows Phone ecosystem overallMicrosoft is poised to launch its first Floor pill, so in fact, hypothesis within the tech business is popping as soon as once more to the potential of the Redmond firm popping out with its personal Windows Phone, probably underneath the Floor model.

Nokia CEO and former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop, who has made an enormous guess on Windows Phone and would face elevated competitors from a Microsoft device, mentioned on a convention name with analysts this morning that Nokia would truly encourage Microsoft to go forward.

Elop’s assertion got here in response to an analyst’s query. From the webcast, right here’s the total the alternate …

Q: “If Microsoft had been to launch their very own device, would you see that as a stimulant to the ecosystem or a competitor?”

Elop: “It’s definitely a stimulant to the ecosystem. As I mentioned earlier, we’re encouraging of HTC and Samsung and Microsoft or whomever to have gadgets out there and to be making no matter investments that assist spur the ecosystem on. Because it pertains to the aggressive points of it, in fact anybody else within the ecosystem is a few type of competitor. That being mentioned, we’re very pleased with the distinctive differentiation that we’re bringing to the Windows Phone platform. And while you look intently at what we’re doing with these gadgets, it’s innovation that we’ve invested in for a variety of years. It’s not one thing that’s simply replicated or reinvented or something like that. That is the results of taking these unpolished gems from our R&D labs and touchdown them within the Lumia merchandise. After all that’s well-protected by mental property and one thing that we might use to distinguish no matter who our competitors may be.”

The Verge reported on the comment earlier today.

Nokia bought 2.9 million Lumia Windows Telephones within the third quarter, down from 4 million within the second quarter.  For context, Google says it sees 1.3 million Android device activations every single day.

Microsoft reviews its quarterly earnings later right now.

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