Novel Genetic Biomarker Linked to Hair Loss Can Determine COVID Severity in Men

Novel Genetic Biomarker Linked to Hair Loss Can Determine COVID Severity in Men

Researchers have found a novel biomarker to determine male COVID-19 sufferers most in danger for ICU admission. The findings offered right this moment at EADV’s 2021 Spring Symposium, counsel that males with genetic traits (phenotypes) delicate to the male intercourse hormone androgen, are extra seemingly to expertise extreme COVID-19 illness.

Researchers had been pushed to examine the affiliation between the androgen receptor (AR) gene and COVID-19, after observing the disproportionate variety of males hospitalized with COVID-19 presenting with androgenetic alopecia (a standard type of hair-loss) in contrast to the anticipated quantity in the same age-matched inhabitants (79% vs. 31-53%).

Androgenetic alopecia is thought to be managed by variations in the AR gene, which impacts how delicate the physique is to androgens (hormones equivalent to testosterone). As well as, an enzyme implicated in COVID-19 an infection (TMPRSS2) is regulated by an androgen response component – that means that it too could also be affected by variations in the AR gene. Because the polyglutamine repeat (CAG repeat) area situated in the AR gene is related to each androgen sensitivity and androgenetic alopecia; this analysis sought to determine the connection between CAG repeat area size and predisposition to elevated COVID illness severity.

A potential examine of 65 hospitalized COVID-19 constructive males measured the AR CAG repeat size of every man. Researchers discovered that male covid sufferers with a CAG repeat beneath 22 nucleotides (CAG<22) had been considerably much less seemingly to be admitted into ICU than sufferers with a CAG rely over or equal to 22 nucleotides (CAG≥22; p=0.05).

Dr. Andy Goren, Chief Medical Officer, Utilized Biology, Inc., Irvine, California, USA, explains: “Our information present that longer AR CAG scores are related to extra extreme COVID-19 illness and point out that AR CAG repeat size could possibly be used as a biomarker to assist determine male COVID-19 sufferers most in danger for ICU admissions.”

He continues, “The identification of a biomarker linked with the androgen receptor is one other piece of proof highlighting the necessary function of androgens in COVID-19 illness severity.”

Additional analysis carried out by Dr. Andy Goren and his staff, reported on the EADV Spring Symposium, explores a promising new remedy for COVID-19 utilizing a novel androgen receptor antagonist to regulate TMPRSS2 expression and probably deal with COVID-19 sufferers. The outcomes of this examine had been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

“This analysis demonstrates the scientific worth of dermatology by providing key insights into the function of genetics and its hyperlink to COVID illness. It is a wonderful instance of a few of the pioneering abstracts being showcased at The EADV Spring Symposium this yr,” says Prof. Lidia Rudnicka, EADV Board Member and Professor on the Medical College of Warsaw.

Assembly: EADV Spring Symposium 2021

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