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Octoplus Samsung Software v4.2.1 – New Features Added

Octoplus Samsung Tool Software has recently released a new version, 4.2.1 (13.04.2023), which includes a new operation called “Unlock MDM” for Samsung devices running on Android 12/13 versions. This latest update also supports the latest security levels available in the market.

Unlock MDM is a new operation added to Octoplus Samsung Tool Software that allows users to unlock their Samsung devices’ MDM (Mobile Device Management) feature. MDM is a security feature commonly used in corporate or educational settings to manage mobile devices, restrict access, and enforce policies. This feature regularly stops users from accessing specific features, installing programs, or making changes to their devices.

However, Unlock MDM operation is not a permanent solution, as the device will be re-locked after a factory data reset or firmware rewrite. Therefore, users should be cautious and ensure they back up their important data before proceeding with this operation. Moreover, the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock must be off, and KNOX must be at 0 to perform this operation successfully.

It is also essential to note that the Unlock MDM operation is credit-based, meaning that users will need to check credit consumption for more details. However, if the device has already been unlocked via Octoplus service with the same SN/IMEI and username (Octoplus user account), the operation will not withdraw credits.

To prevent the device from being relocked, Octoplus has introduced the Guard service, which restricts OTA updates and Samsung Dex on the device. This service ensures that the device remains unlocked, and users can continue to enjoy the benefits of Unlock MDM without any hassles.

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Octoplus Samsung Tool Software’s latest version is an essential tool for Samsung device users looking to unlock the MDM feature. However, users must ensure that they meet the necessary requirements, such as having the FRP lock off and KNOX set to 0, to perform this operation successfully. With the introduction of the Guard service, users can rest assured that their devices remain unlocked and continue to function correctly.

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