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OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL BY World 1st Mobile Solution ! | Free Download


OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL is a small tool for OPPO and Realme smartphones. who was running on MTK Chipset, the tool allow users to remove PIN, Password, Pattern, FRP in one click. no need to open mobile and connect to ISP, EDL, CPU Drill. it is working directly if you plan to buy this tool please wait some days because the owner of the tool gives money for 1 yr 200$ is costly do not buy. Recommended to all users Buy CM2 MTK dongle is more helpful from this tool. because cm2 is supported more models and also Update regurealy.

OPPO - Realme MTK MASTER TOOL BY World 1st Mobile Solution ! | Free Download


▪︎ No need Flash
▪︎ No need test point
▪︎ No need Firmware
▪︎ Activation One Year
▪︎ Price 200 USD End-User
▪︎ Activation for 1 PC only HWID Based (No Change PC Before 3 Months)


  1. OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL BY World 1st Mobile Solution! 
  2. Currently, the tool is ready and wipe for Opua MTK devices without Test Point and currently, the supported list is only the beginning 
  3. The discovery will be for a year 
  4. Activation 1 year
  5. Supported models as the beginning of the following: 
  6. OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL BY World 1st Mobile Solution! 


  • CPH2001 F15
  • CPH1989 RENO 2F
  • CPH2021 A91
  • CPH1835 R15
  • CPH1969 F11 Pro
  • CPH1911 F11
  • CPH1913 F11
  • CPH1915 F11
  • CPH1969 F11 Pro
  • CPH1987 F11 Pro
  • CPH2039 F11 Pro
  • CPH2063 F11 Pro
  • CPH1823 F9
  • CPH1825 F9 Pro
  • CPH1881 F9
  • CPH1819 F7
  • CPH1811 F7
  • CPH1821 F7
  • CPH1938 A9
  • CPH1837 A3
  • CPH1869 Realme 1
  • CPH1859 Realme 1 / F7 Youth
  • CPH1861 Realme 1
  • PCPM00 A91
  • PCPT00 A9
  • PACM00 R15
  • PACT00 R15
  • PADM00 A3
  • PADT00 A3
  • PCAM10 A9
  • PCAT10 Reno Lite
  • PCEM00 A9x
  • PCET00 A9x
  • PCPM00 A91
  • PCPT00 A91
  • PDBM00 OPPO A8
  • CPH1723 F5
  • CPH1727 F5
  • CPH1725 F5 Youth
  • CPH1729 A83
  • CPH1827 A83
  • OPPO A83 PRO
  • OPPO A72
  • OPPO A73
  • OPPO A79
  • OPPO A1
  • CPH1923 OPPO A1k
  • CPH1925 OPPO A1s
  • CPH1926 OPPO A1k
  • CPH2015 OPPO A31
  • CPH2029 OPPO A31
  • CPH2031 OPPO A31
  • CPH2073 OPPO A31
  • CPH2081 OPPO A31
  • CPH2071 OPPO A11k
  • CPH2077 OPPO A12
  • CPH2083 OPPO A12
  • CPH1909 OPPO A5s
  • CPH1910 OPPO A5s
  • CPH1912 OPPO A5s


  • RMX2186 Realme C15
  • RMX2180 Realme C15
  • RMX2189 Realme C12
  • RMX2181 Realme C11
  • RMX2182 Realme C11
  • RMX2183 Realme C11 (SUSPECTED)
  • RMX2184 Realme C11
  • RMX2185 Realme C11
  • RMX2187 Realme C11
  • RMX1827 Realme 3i
  • RMX1821 Realme 3
  • RMX1822 Realme 3
  • RMX1823 Realme 3
  • RMX1825 Realme 3

File Information:

Filename:- OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL
File Size:- 19.3 MB
File Download:- Userupload
File Type:- RAR
File Password:- Update Soon…
OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL Latest Version V1.1.2 [Without password]:- Click Here


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: OPPO – Realme MTK MASTER TOOL is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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