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    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    Astronomers Discover Hidden Trove of Massive Black Holes – “We All Got Nervous”

    The newly discovered massive black holes reside in dwarf galaxies, where their radiation competes with…
    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    One of Webb Space Telescope’s Primary Instruments Ready To See Cosmos in Over 2,000 Infrared Colors

    This animation shows the path light will follow as it hits the primary James Webb…
    Science & Technology
    4 days ago

    Nanorings Uncovered: Astonishing New Building Blocks for Chemistry

    The new molecular structure in which sandwich complexes form a nano-sized ring is called ‘cyclocene.’…
    Science & Technology
    April 8, 2023

    Sun’s Chromosphere Revealed in Stunning Inaugural Images From World’s Most Powerful Solar Telescope

    One of the first images of the chromosphere – the area of the Sun’s atmosphere…
      8 hours ago

      Green Energy Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Catalyst With 7.9x Higher Activity for Hydrogen Production

      Researchers have developed an advanced platinum nanocatalyst that significantly improves hydrogen production efficiency. This breakthrough hybrid catalyst showcased enhanced activity…
      9 hours ago

      From AI Black Boxes to Physics: The New Frontier of Protein Folding Prediction

      The University of Tokyo’s new protein folding model, WSME-L, offers enhanced predictions over traditional models. This breakthrough can impact medical…
      11 hours ago

      The Future of Nuclear Reactors: Deciphering Electron Behavior in Molten Salts

      Researchers have computationally simulated interactions between electrons and molten zinc chloride salt, discovering three distinct states. This finding is critical…
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