Scientists Develop Data Bus for Quantum Computer
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Physicists Develop Data Bus for Quantum Computers

Scientists have developed a protocol that can be utilized to attach quantum methods which are encoded otherwise. (Credit score: College of Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch)

The quantum world is fragile; error correction codes are wanted to guard the data saved in a quantum object from the deteriorating results of noise. Noe a group of quantum physicists at eh College of Innsbruck have developed a protocol to cross quantum info between otherwise encoded constructing blocks of a future quantum pc, equivalent to processors and reminiscences.

Future quantum computer systems will have the ability to resolve issues the place standard computer systems fail at the moment. We’re nonetheless distant from any large-scale implementation, nevertheless, as a result of quantum methods are very delicate to environmental noise. Though methods may be protected against noise in precept, researchers have been in a position to construct solely small prototypes of quantum computer systems experimentally. One strategy to cut back the error fee is by encoding quantum info not in a single single quantum particle however in a number of quantum objects. These logical quantum bits or qubits are extra sturdy in opposition to noise. In the previous couple of years, theoretical physicists have developed an entire vary of error correction codes and optimized them for particular duties. Physicists Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup and Hans Briegel from the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the College of Innsbruck and Nicolai Friis, now on the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Info in Vienna, have discovered a way to switch quantum info between methods which are encoded otherwise.

Interface between processor and reminiscence

Just like classical computer systems, future quantum computer systems could be constructed with totally different parts. Scientists have already constructed small-scale quantum processors and reminiscences experimentally, and so they have used totally different protocols to encode logical qubits: For instance, for quantum processors they use so-called coloration codes and for quantum reminiscences floor codes. “For the 2 methods to work together with one another quantum mechanically, now we have to attach them,” says PhD scholar Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup. “We’ve developed a protocol that permits us to merge quantum methods which are encoded otherwise.” The scientists recommend to domestically modify particular parts of the encoded quantum bits. This course of can be known as lattice surgical procedure, which is used to couple methods equivalent to quantum processors and reminiscences. As soon as the methods are briefly “sewed” collectively, quantum info may be teleported from the processor to the reminiscence and vice versa. “Related to an information bus in a traditional pc, scientists can use this system to attach the parts of a quantum pc,” explains Poulsen Nautrup.

This new scheme is one other step in direction of constructing a common quantum pc and analysis for experimental realization is beneath approach. The analysis was carried out inside the framework of the doctoral program Atoms, Mild, and Molecules provided on the College of Innsbruck and was funded by the Austrian Science Fund and the Templeton World Charity Basis.

Publication: Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup, et al., “Fault-tolerant interface between quantum reminiscences and quantum processors,” Nature Communications 8, Article quantity: 1321 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41467-017-01418-2

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