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Rank Cipher – Free Traffic From Google

Rank Cipher – Free Traffic From Google

Rank Cipher – Free Traffic From Google allows you to automate the link-building tasks. It allows you to set up intelligent link-building rules and to build a network of backlinks to your target site quickly and automatically.

With RankCipher, you can use a cool visual designer to set up your “link tree”. Then you can choose from a huge array of backlink sources – Web 2.0 sites like tumblr, blogspot,etc., some other sites that allow powerful do-follow links, article directories, and other places where you can get backlinks.

Then you can set up the full multi-tier linking structure. For example, the article directory can link to a Tumblr page. Then you can have Blogspot link to the Tumblr page, and a second article directory link to the Tumblr page. So the Tumblr page might have 3 links pointing to it. From there, that Tumblr page can point to your main “money site”.

After that, RankCipher will go ahead and automatically build out the full link tree.

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